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Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at
Make a Starry Night!
Hand Stamped Spoon and Fork Garden Markers - Video Tutorial at
Wire Wrapped Tree
Classic Waffles

Tree at Dawn Mosaic

Tree at Dawn Tile Mosaic at

Happy Earth Day!  Want to celebrate with me on my tree-themed project?  I’m all kinds of excited this week, because yesterday I registered for ArtPrize 2014! [Insert the sensation of 1,000 butterflies in my stomach that may or may not make me throw up a little bit.]  My creative side has always leaned more toward… Continue Reading…

Mint Cookie Martini

Mint Cookie Martini at

If you tuned into our last episode of Crafty Hour, you may have been curious about our Girl Scout Cookie cocktail!  Since shaking it up with my co-host Tara, I made a little tweak to the recipe that I like even better, and I’m going to share it here today.  I feel weird assigning booze… Continue Reading…

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

5 Great Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids at

I have a soft spot for Earth Day, not only because I love the planet, but my husband and I started dating on Earth Day.  So every time 4/22 rolls around, it’s fun to celebrate… it’s become a tradition to treat the day as one that’s extra special. I don’t know that our kids will… Continue Reading…

Sliding Knot Adjustable Bead Bracelet

Macrame Slider Beaded Bracelet at

Today’s bracelet is nothing fancy, just hemp and a single, simple bead.  You can have lots of fun making up several of these once I show you how easy it is to make a macrame slider out of hemp.  This sliding knot is easy to put on and take off, and you don’t need an… Continue Reading…

Duck Tape® Bead Bracelet

Duck Tape Bead Bracelet at

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. Yep, that’s right, Duck Tape® BEADS!  You may have read earlier this year when I re-visited the classic craft, paper beads.  I made about a gazillion of them when I was a kid.  They are simple and… Continue Reading…

Glue-and-Go Rhinestone and Leather Bracelet

Glue-and-Go Easy Rhinestone and Leather Spring Bracelet at

Today’s piece is one of those where I feel like I’m cheating. ;) How can I in good conscience tell you this is a “tutorial”?  Because you seriously just glue and go for this pretty spring rhinestone bracelet!  But I’ll show you how I made it anyway – if you have never made your own… Continue Reading…

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Classic Stamped Mommy Necklace (Video Tutorial)

Classic Stamped Mommy Necklace: Video Tutorial at

Mother’s Day is a few weeks away, but if you enjoy gifting handmade, then you’re probably already planning ahead!  I’ve got a great gift idea today – it’s a classic keepsake: the hand-stamped mommy necklace.  These are really popular, and can also be a bit pricey, so there’s a big draw in learning the skill… Continue Reading…

Bird Nest Stamped and Braided Hemp Bracelet

Bird Nest Stamped and Braided Hemp Bracelet at

Well I couldn’t resist another bird-themed stamped project with Beaducation’s “Be an original” contest.  I just couldn’t.  It’s a challenge that’s metal stamping. That has Adrianne written all over it. Or maybe stamped all over it, like so. What do you think?  (If you like it, you can click to vote for it in the challenge!  I… Continue Reading…

Reminder: Crafty Hour is Tomorrow and a Giveaway!

Join Us For Crafty Hour and Win Free Craft Supplies!

Did you catch the first Crafty Hour 2 weeks ago?  Tara and I had a lot of fun for our debut session making memory wire bracelets and cosmopolitan martinis!  If you’re just hearing about Crafty Hour right now, we invite you to join us for a live craft-along every other Friday night.  If you tune… Continue Reading…

How to Make Wish Bracelets – Video Tutorial

Wish Bracelets at

One of my most popular posts here at Happy Hour Projects is actually a very early one.  With crappy photos, but it was back before anyone really read here, haha – I was still finding my style.  It’s one of my all-time favorite crafts, though: a hemp and seed bead woven wish bracelet.  Did you… Continue Reading…