The Way to Her Heart Is Chocolate: 12 Chocolate Recipes

Valentine’s Day s nearly here, and with that comes all things chocolate.  Or, at least in my house.  I can’t speak for every woman out there, but it’s good for a large percentage of the ones I know: the way to her heart is, in fact, chocolate.  Are we on the same page?  Good – then read on, because I’ve partnered with today to bring you another great collection: a dozen decadent chocolate recipes!

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by Adrianne Surian at

From breakfast to dinner, drinks to dessert, and all the gifts in between, this collection has a little bit of everything!  Now, this may just be me leaving a gigantic chocolatey hint about what I’d love to see this Valentine’s Day, but I’m hoping it also inspires your sweet tooth to bake up or make up something sweet and chocolate-inspired!  Just click to scroll through the collection, and you can explore these recipes and more on the site.

The Way to Her Heart Is Chocolate: 12 Great Recipes at

Chocolate is inherently comforting.  We give chocolate in celebration (and sometimes in sympathy).  It’s the classic treat – always in style, and always appreciated (unless we’re dieting – in which case, there are a few lighter, health-conscious recipes in my collection, too.)

So tell me – are you a choc-o-holic too?  Or do you have a better suggestion for Valentine’s Day?  Let’s hear it!

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