Friday Finds: 12 Great Blogs for Jewelry Projects

It’s no secret… I LOVE jewelry projects.  Jewelry making was my first passion – even as a kid! I was the one making friendship bracelets for all my friends, cutting up endless magazines for paper beads, and turning crazy things into earrings.   If you look around, you will find my jewelry projects are the largest category around here.  The thing is – I’m not the only one who loves jewelry!  Not only do a lot of you readers enjoy it, but I visit a few other blogs with great jewelry projects that I’d like to share with you, in case you haven’t already discovered them for yourself!

12 Great Blogs for Jewelry at

This list of 12 should keep you busy no matter what type of jewelry you enjoy making – there’s something here for all kinds of jewelry fans (you’re welcome)!

1. NorthShore Days

2. Happy Go Lucky

3. Pitter and Glink

4. Crafts Unleashed

5. One Artsy Mama

6. One Dog Woof

7. 7Alive

8. artsy-fartsy mama

9. Petals to Picots

10. Morena’s Corner

11. 365 Days of Crafts

12. Mellywood’s Mansion

Hope you have a great Friday and a FABULOUS weekend!!

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  1. says

    You are so fabulous! Thanks for the shout out. I love coming by here for great jewelry tutorials and your pictures are always fabulous!!

  2. says

    I always love to look at your jewelry!! Thank you so much for including my blog in your awesome round up! It’s a honor! :)

  3. Deborah McLaughlin says

    Thank you so much for these fab blogs! Have spent a good while checking them out! You are an inspiration! Thanks!
    Now…what shall I make?
    Have a super weekend!

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