Friday Finds: 15 Sunday Dinner Recipes Off the Grill

Today’s Friday Finds is sponsored by Foodie, and I’m hungry happy to share my Foodie collection of 15 Sunday dinner ideas you can cook on the grill.

First of all, let’s take a moment to celebrate the fact that SPRING is finally HERE!  My grill and deck are no longer under a foot of snow.  Heck, even my driveway is almost clear of those last patches of ice.  I know you southern friends wouldn’t consider 40F to be warm, but up here, if it’s above freezing and the sun is shining, we barely bring our jackets along.

This is also when we move some of our Sunday cooking from the kitchen to the deck.  A little fresh air, and those heavenly barbecue smells – that’s what warmer weather is all about to me. :)

15 Ideas for Sunday Dinner on the Grill at

That’s why I’ve rounded up 15 recipes hot off the grill for us to try this spring.  From classics (like burgers and steaks) to new ventures in our house like eggplant and grilled pizza, I’ve got ideas to cover every taste.  You can scroll through the collection at the top of the post, or browse my collections over on the Foodie site.

We LOVE trying new grill recipes – it was only last year that we started grilling veggies and corn on the cob, and my husband made a fantastic beef brisket for the first time.  I’ve always love a great grilled steak, but new marinades and seasonings for chicken and burgers can really help change things up.  I’m especially ready this year to start grilling, now that we’ve had to cut out gluten from our family dinners.  But grilled meat, potatoes, and veggies are all fair game, and they’re something everyone can enjoy, even if we’re hosting a big Sunday dinner.

What’s your favorite thing to make on the grill?

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    It is good to know that summer is around the corner after reading this post. The stake is looking absolutely lovely. Thanks for the link to the other side.

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