A Little Quiet on the Crafting Front

Okay, I’m just going to fess up right now.  I haven’t been doing ANY tutorials since Friday, because I read all three of The Hunger Games books in four days.  I know that doesn’t sound like a big feat to my reader-friends, but I can’t take my eyes off my daughter for two seconds while she’s awake, or she’s getting into trouble – so I only got to read while she was sleeping.  So yeah… I’m kinda tired now. :) But reading a good book is such a wonderful way to unwind – I’m not sorry at all, LOL!

Anyway, I know it’s been a quiet week around here, and in the interest of getting some sleep instead of blogging, I’m going to keep this short. One thing I did work on this week was some more stamped jewelry.  My Hobby Lobby is finally carrying stamps, so I have collected a third font I was looking forward to trying out! :) I stamped Raya’s name and a little heart on a rectangular blank, and added her birthstone.  Take a look!

It’s so difficult to get a good photo of something so shiny!  If any of you photography buffs have some tips for me when it comes to jewelry, I’d love to hear it.

I do have some projects in the works – one is started, even, but it’s a multi-hour project, which means it will take me a few days to finish, just working an hour at a time.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to content myself with oohing and aahing over everything cool you’ve all been up to.  Leave me a link in the comments today and I’ll come visit you! :)

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~ Adrianne


  1. says

    Everyone is talking about the Hunger Games and I have no idea what it is about. I will have to check it out :)
    Good for you for taking some time for yourself.

  2. Terry says

    This is really cute. I must get me some stamping gear. I have nothing to share (except the casserole covers you've already seen) because I've had a 'fail' week so far. :)

  3. kitblu says

    I am not a photography buff but I am a quilter. see-through red plastic lets me determine dark, medium and light fabric. I wonder if clear plastic, maybe not red, would help. I do know that photographers use filters. I am probably giving you a solution as providing a path to research a solution.

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