A Night Off…

Well, last night was the first night I realized, I have to cut back a little on the blogging schedule.  I love it, and I could (and certainly will) keep crafting – but now that we’re nearly into fall – I have NO light for halfway decent photos by the time Raya goes to bed.  While the sun shone this evening, this is what I was busy with:

And I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

I don’t craft until Raya goes to bed – I’m stuck at work all day, so I don’t have “naptime” to take advantage of the daylight.  In a race to catch the last decent lighting, I attempted a couple starts, but in my haste, I just had fails.  So I am taking a quick moment to share, before I go take a nice hot bath, maybe read my book, and go to bed early instead. :)

The only thing that was finished in this house tonight was this little gem:

I asked Raya if she’d like to guest post, since clearly I’m without material, but the only tip she had to offer after saying “tadaa!” was “cheese”. If that helps you… great.

It sure helped me tonight.

Anyway, don’t worry if you see I’m missing a few days posting here and there in the near future.  I’m still around, I promise!  Just taking some nights for some extra snuggles.  And cheese. :)


  1. Kadie says

    I hear ya girl! Take the snuggles and the baths. This when they are little only lasts for so long take advantage of the while you can!

  2. allisamazing says

    So cute! There will be plenty of time for blogging in the future as she grows up. Take advantage of those precious moments with your daughter while you can :)

  3. Terry says

    Wow, that is the guest post I have most enjoyed, easily, ever. :) So happy you took a break and had a nice enjoyable evening of cheese.

  4. Lydia Criss Mays says

    This post made it obvious why crafting should be on the backburner. Painted nails and crayon scribbles are much more important. :)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. Wanda Bowen says

    Family definitely comes first! I always enjoy your posts but I certainly understand when you have a beautiful little girl that deserves your attention!


  6. Kara says

    I love this post … and those sweet little toes! Sounds like a very successful night afterall :)

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