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Are you part of the HGTVGardens Community?  I had the chance to check it out recently, and I am HOOKED!  A lot of you know – the big move happens in a couple weeks!  We have loved our condo and our little patio garden, but I am SO looking forward to having an *actual yard* again.  I can hardly wait to get a little vegetable garden in the backyard, I have sorely missed having fresh veggies straight from the plant.

HGTVGardens Community

The thing is… I’ve honestly never truly gardened on my own.  Does that surprise you?  My dad had a vegetable garden when I was growing up that several of our neighbors helped with.  See, my dad was blind, so gardening wasn’t exactly a hobby he could embrace, but he did have a large yard and the same desire for fresh veggies that my whole family shares.  So he arranged a deal with several of our neighbors: our yard was open for gardening.  He arranged to have it tilled each year, he invested in plants and seeds, and anyone was welcome to come anytime and help themselves to fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, snow peas, green peppers, green beans, swiss chard, rhubarb, zucchini, strawberries, raspberries, herbs, and other veggies and fruits we tried in different years – as long as they helped weed, water, and bring a few things into his kitchen for dinner a night or two a week.

Not all of our neighbors had the space or time to dedicate to a garden, so it was an arrangement that worked really well!  I learned a lot from several ladies in my childhood neighborhood about gardening, harvesting, and preserving.  But it was always something that people worked on together, and I had a built-in network of people to ask questions and get information from.  My dad has since passed away and it’s been several years since I’ve connected with anyone in the gardening community, so finding an online garden community to talk to has been a wonderful way for me to get excited about having the opportunity again to get out in the yard and pursue the daunting task of managing a garden – even a small one – all on my own.

If you’re not already part of the HGTVGardens community, it’s easy to get started!  Just create a profile, and within a few minutes you can share photos of your own garden, get tips for your region, and connect with other members to ask questions and share what you know!  (Note – if you are curious to know more, just click on any of the screen shots I’ve included.  It will direct you right to my favorite areas at HGTV Gardens!)

HGTVGardens Community

There are different areas for getting ideas and tips.  I LOVE that they have a craft section!

HGTVGardens Community

I also spent lots of time ogling posts in the Edibles area.  I wish I could get started right now!  (At least it will be soon!)

HGTVGardens Community

If you’re having trouble finding the exact information you’re looking for, or you just want to share in a more personal way, you can check into the Ask & Share Community anytime!

HGTVGardens Community

This is the feature I’m most excited about; this is just the way I was hoping to connect when I have questions or can’t quite remember what I should do to care for my garden.

The HGTVGardens website has it all – there is an extensive plant finder tool that you can tailor to your region and conditions, and informative articles on ALL aspects of gardening, from veggies to flowers to backyard chickens!  You can access the full site on your computer or from your iPhone or Android phone, and the communities are full of photos, ideas, and discussions of real members’ gardens.  Check out my profile, and if you’re a member, be sure to share your profile with me!  I’d love to see you over there!

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  1. Marilyn says

    Wow, this site looks awesome! I haven’t set up an account yet but I think I just may need to! ;)

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