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What a week!  I have my first giveaway up for grabs, I have my first link party going on, and best yet: my daughter is officially an artist.
I know it’s early, since she’s not even 8 months old yet, and didn’t even know she was making art (not to mention that I made her cry when I didn’t let her lick her hand while we were working) but I have my first official piece of I’m-a-mom-and-proud-of-it artwork.

I saw an idea a while back with kids’ art clipped onto a hanging wire.  I always thought it was a great idea to showcase a child’s art, for two reasons: 1) it’s a special place they can feel proud of, and 2) it keeps the art from taking over the rest of the house.  As precious as a scribbled-on napkin is, what are the rules?  How long should it stay on the frig?  I knew my little jellybean should have a place of her own from the very beginning, and when I found this frame on clearance, I picked it up thinking I may have found the answer.
I was stumped on what to put in the middle to make it look nice.  I can do a LOT with fabric, but when it comes to home décor and design, I’m actually not very creative. 
Enter Holly from Vinylize It.
I realized if I got a vinyl decal, that would eliminate having to freehand (which I can’t do) or stencil (which is not the look I was really going for).  I ended up with a really professional result.  I have to give props and mention this store, because Holly is just about the most patient woman alive, I think.  After roughly five hundred emails, I finally got my order placed, and I just LOVE how it turned out!  I applied it to a piece of art board I got at Hobby Lobby in the paint section.  In retrospect, I would have used a background other than the off-white I ended up settling on (hey, I told you I don’t have an eye for this sort of thing) but at least this way, it’s likely to match whatever colors I have going on in any room it ends up in down the road.
I found some clips in the office supply section – they’re called bulldog clips, for what reason, who knows, but in case you go looking for some, that’s the official name.  I painted them and screwed them on about 9 inches apart, thinking that it would most easily accommodate a 8.5×11 sheet of paper.
So I put it up, and it obviously needed some art!  I’ve seen some handprint animals floating around some of the linky parties and thought I’d use a turquoise color to match the art gallery.  Which is how I came to be the tearful proud owner of Raya’s first masterpiece, a handprint peacock.  I just dotted a bit of blue along her print and painted a tiny beak and pair of feet.

I fully admit I’m biased, but I must insist that this is precious.  And now I have an even better place to display it than the frig.

Happy weekend! ~ Adrianne


  1. The Doodler says

    Very, very cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did, you've got a new follower!

  2. Lisa says

    What a cute idea! I need to start thinking about something like this for my baby. Art projects are the most important thing to me so I'll be pushing for a little artist!

  3. Rachel says

    Oh my goodness…I love this!! And that handprint is so stinkin cute! I will definitely have to try out a project like this for my baby girl. I'm coming over here from Lady Bird Ln and am so hapy to have found you. New follower!

  4. Linda says

    Such a cute idea…thanks for sharing it…I'm passing it on.


    I’m having an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway…hop over and enter…ends at midnight 8/7.

  5. Andrea Brand . Charcoal and Crayons says

    Absolutely fantastic! My little guy was around 3 months old when he first experienced paint, so I'll definitely have to make one of these… thank you for the inspiration!

  6. SJ says

    This post made me smile. Thanks for inspiring me and many others to even attempt this feat. Really appreciate that you linked up at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  7. Ginger says

    So cute. Love the little handprint. :) Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. Hope to see you there. {I’m a new follower, too.} Cute blog!


  8. Dee says

    I should do something like that here at the house. It would have to be the one hallway we have. I love it! Who did you get the decal from?

  9. Carolyn says

    As your daughter grows, she will have many works of art to display….good to be organised early. Love the idea!

  10. says

    Lovethis! I painted a big frame & I change out my sons pictures once a week. This is great too!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Chrissy @

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