Get Fired Up About the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One With a Great Giveaway!

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BABYBJÖRN’s Baby Carrier One.

I know it’s a universal baby thing, but Roman loves to be held. My daughter was the same way, and I bet your littles are too! I started babywearing about 3 years ago with my daughter, and I’ve tried a lot of different types of carriers and wraps.  If you follow my social media, you’ve seen it all!  I just got the opportunity to try out the new BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One, and I was really excited to see what changes BABYBJÖRN has made to their newest design!

BABYBJÖRN #BabyCarrierOne and Kindle Fire Giveaway at #OneIsAllYouNeed #ad

First of all – it’s super comfortable.  Mostly, I mean for me… both kids always fell asleep in any carrier, and the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One is no exception.  So clearly, it’s comfortable for Roman too. There is plenty of leg support for your baby in the One, which is a feature that is really important to me.  (I also love that we now have a second soft-structured carrier in our household – two parents and two carriers means we can now put two kids in the carrier.)  The One can support kids up to 33 lbs, which is about the average weight of  a 3 year old, and it also can be worn in a front or a back carry position. I also really like that it’s adjustable without a newborn insert – Roman is right on the cutoff (I have him in the baby/toddler position) – but I’d hate to use a special insert for just a few weeks.

BABYBJÖRN #BabyCarrierOne and Kindle Fire Giveaway at #OneIsAllYouNeed #ad

The manual will walk you through how to position your child to safely carry them in the One, and you can also visit the BABYBJÖRN website for more information as well!

My 30-lb daughter STILL loves being in the carrier (she calls it “taking a ride” – and isn’t shy about telling me that her brother’s time is up and it’s her turn now, haha).  That may sound really heavy to carry around a 30-lb child, but carriers hold your kids close to your body, and utilize your center of gravity.  Your kids feel lighter in the carrier – not only are they easier to walk with when they are close to you, but the carrier supports them hands-free.

BABYBJÖRN #BabyCarrierOne and Kindle Fire Giveaway at #OneIsAllYouNeed #ad

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One is well-padded so it doesn’t get uncomfortable – plus it means that when I have Roman in the One,  I can still hold my daughter’s hand, carry a shopping bag – whatever else I need to do.  (Sometimes that’s just the important stuff like talking about the snow on a gorgeous Michigan day.) ;)

To show you that One is all you need, BABYBJÖRN would also love to let a lucky winner try out the new Baby Carrier One for themselves with an amazing giveaway!

BABYBJÖRN #BabyCarrierOne and Kindle Fire Giveaway at #OneIsAllYouNeed #ad

That’s something to get fired up about, right?  One winner will be randomly selected to receive a BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One ARV $199.95 and a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9? Tablet (ARV $379.00). The giveaway is open to U.S. readers and runs from Monday, December 2, 2013 at 8:00 AM EST through 5:00 PM EST December 18, 2013 and the winner will be announced on December 20th, 2013.  The Rafflecopter widget below will walk you through the ways to enter, and you can check out the full terms and conditions below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and happy babywearing!

BABYBJÖRN #BabyCarrierOne and Kindle Fire Giveaway at #OneIsAllYouNeed #ad

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BABYBJÖRN’s Baby Carrier One.


  1. Fayelle says

    I have a 4 year old I’m constantly running after and a newborn who wants constantly to be held. I’d use this daily!

  2. Tennille says

    I have seen many momma’s walking to the food pantry that I volunteer at with their small children. I would absolutely LOVE to give it away to one so desperately in need!

  3. Ashley Miller says

    This would be great! I would use everywhere! And the kindle to keep the 2 year old entertained.

  4. Cindy says

    I am excited to start wearing my baby boy! I tried a few carriers and none have measured up. I have the ergo but I am waiting until he is bigger because right now that carrier is too bulky plus I want one for indoors — the house that is :)

  5. Brigitte says

    I am so glad to see an updated design on the Bjorn. I would love to try one out for helping haul around my twins. I also love Kindles. :)

  6. Kellye A says

    I’ll be using it once the baby arrives. I’m sure I’ll need my hands free once in a while :)

  7. says

    I would be gifting this to my dear friend, who has a wee babe of about four months now! She’s definitely a baby-wearer!

  8. Kellie Christensen says

    I have twin nieces & my sister is always grateful to have help. I would carry one of them.

  9. Jessica says

    I am expecting my second child any day now…and my almost 3 year old still loves to be held. This carrier would DEFINITELY make my life easier!

  10. says

    I think I honestly cried the day I simply could not manage to carry my boys around in my Baby Bjorn anymore- it was my favorite, favorite tool when they were small! Great pics you got- your kiddos obviously loved it!

  11. Carolyn says

    I just want to say, You look great.. From having a second child. amazing! I sure wish they made these carriers back when I had little ones. I love your blog by the way.. I been following you for a long time. I love the jewery you make, and listening to you about your babies.. I miss my own children. Your stories bring me great joy.. Life is so short. Enjoy every minute you have with your family. Nothing in this world can replace that love.
    Have a wonderful hoilday!,,,,,

  12. Natasha Morales says

    I love using baby carriers at the grocery store or any time we will be out in public for long stretches of time. It helps keep baby happy. It will also be great for walking the dogs!

  13. Lorayne Gothard says

    I would give it to my 19 year old niece who is having her baby soon, so she can carry her baby everywhere she goes!!

  14. Margaret says

    I want this so bad! I have a snugli that I only use when I ABSOLUTELY have to because I freak out about hip and leg support. I wish I could afford to buy a carrier or wrap!

  15. Sarah says

    Hi If you are a keen babywearer, you have probably tried all sorts of carriers. The Bjorn is not the best for hip support. (Wont let me post urls, however, there are many articles available) I see so many mothers with the Bjorn and feel like they need to explore the whole world of babywearing.
    Your pictures show Roman facing in, which is great. I haven\’t checked out this new carrier but Bjorn are trying to promote it and therefore will play down any concerns about hip development and overstimulation on their website. There are a lot of options for babywearing, including making your own, it doesn\’t need to be expensive. You can make a wrap carrier from a long length of jersey, or a mei tei with some heavy fabric and a sewing machine. I\’m posting this to inform your readers about other options, it\’s not just the Bjorn!

  16. araceli says

    This will come in handly to me i have two kids ages 3and1 this wll help me alot to do my grocery shopping or doing errans thanks for the oportunity

  17. says

    I would give it to my SIL/MIL. My SIL just had a baby and she lives with my MIL I think they could both use this to help them out with carry the new baby all the time. He is a chunky little guy and gets heavy quickly. lol

  18. Lisa Gardner-Morris says

    I would definitely be giving it to my nephew and his wife for their new baby boy, who was just born on 11/8! It would be an awesome gift! Thanks!

  19. says

    Your kids are so cute :) My “baby” is 11 but she totally loved the carrier when she was tiny – we had a Bjorn, too. It was awesome.

  20. Robin says

    I would love to give this to my life long friend when she has her first baby in February!

  21. Shelby says

    My husband and I are planning to get our family started in 2014, so winning anything to help us stock up for that would be great!

  22. Summer Killebrew says

    Our little one just turned 2 months old and we’ve been talking how we’re going to need a sturdy carrier for this spring we start our family hiking again.

  23. sarah c says

    i would use it during grocery shopping! and any other activities that baby wearing is great for!

  24. Rebecca Parsons says

    I would gift it to one of my daughter’s. I have 3 daughters and two just gave birth a month ago.

  25. Mariaelena Dominguez says

    I would use it everyday I’m sure, it’s hard to keep up with 2 kids so it would help free up my hands

  26. Jessica H. says

    I would give it to my SIL for Christmas. She just had a beautiful baby boy and could use this! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  27. Sasha Falk says

    I love baby wearing! I would love to try this carrier. I use durning housework, putting and anytime I need a free hand n she wants to be held

  28. Rachel Kate Levien says

    We’d use the One for carrying our January baby while keeping tabs on her toddler big sister.

  29. Jennifer says

    I would use this everyday to carry my 8 month old because she keeps getting into things while I cook or clean. So this would come in handy :)

  30. Molly Conetta says

    I would love to use this for my second baby due in May. It looks like a cozy and safe way to carry around a newborn while chasing a toddler :)

  31. Joyce says

    I’d use it when out with my older kids and need my hands free to hold other hands across the street, help on monkey bars, push swings, take out snacks, open car doors, take big siblings to the potty, wash hands, …

  32. Julie Markiewicz says

    I live this and would use it a ton since I will be chasing a 5 year old with a newborn. We had a different carrier I used with my 5 year old but this looks much easier and like that it goes front and back.

  33. Amanda Martin says

    I will use the BB One so Much! My Little one loves to be carried! currently using the Ergo and the BB Miracle. the One would be perfect for our family!

  34. says

    Awesome giveaway! We’ve been through many a carrier and my child LOVES to be worn. The BB One looks like it’s exactly the solution we need!

  35. says

    I really want to use this for my 18 month old. I’m due in March and will want to have him on my back and my newborn on my front.

  36. Dani says

    I’d be using the carrier to help my adopted son attach to me better when he comes home. Just 7 more months!

  37. says

    The carrier would actually be a gift for my cousin who could use a free pair of hands while still keeping her baby close.

  38. Shannon McAvoy says

    I have a new baby due in January! Would totally see myself using this for sure!!! :)

  39. says

    My 21 month old son is ginormous! 32 lbs already and just keeps growing. He’s very hard for me to carry since I have back problems, and something like this seems like it would help a lot.

  40. says

    What a great gift combo! Baby Bjorns have such a great reputation and I’ve heard so much about the kindle fire, It would be awesome to win!!!

  41. says

    A great carrier and a Kindle because new mommy is not going to have a lot of time to go out and find entertainment in the brief times she has to get it! Great idea! I know with the first baby I carried baby and walked a lot – this would be perfect!

  42. says

    Great giveaway, Adrianne! I’d love to have one of these for the nieces and nephews whenever they visit. And of course, we’ll be able to put it to use with our own kiddos someday…(not today). ;-)

  43. says

    While my kids are too old for baby carriers (they’re 7 and 9), my five year old nephew would be perfect for this! It’d be useful for babysitting. :)

  44. says

    My daughter would use with our newest granddaughter, since she holds the older chill’s had this would give her a bit of freedom with the other hand and distribute the weight which would help in the long run.

  45. crystal stedman says

    I have a little boy due in February. I have a 3 yeat old girl also so I’m betting this could make things a lot easyer because I could hold him and still have use of my hands.

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