Baking Gals Care Package!

Recently, my friend Brittany ran across the Baking Gals website, and we are putting together a care package to combine with some other contributors.  Have you heard of what they do?  It’s a collaborative effort that sends baked goodies to deployed soldiers to remind them of home.  

We are putting our efforts together and our team leader has given us a shipping address and contact person to ship to.  As you know… I am not great in the kitchen, LOL.  But I have a pile of 3 dozen Oreo Pops ready to pack up:

And I also picked up some word game and sudoku books and decks of cards:

Yes, I realize some of those are kids’ games.  It may prove to be an error in judgement on my part, but I figured, if *I* would play, then it’s not too juvenile… I hope.  

It may not look like much, but that’s why I wanted to mention it.  A few of us locally are each putting together a few things.  But added together and shipped within the same week, we hope it adds up to a big display of appreciation.  The group effort can really brighten a lot of soldiers’ days!

Last I heard, there was still time to get in on this round, if you hurry!  (You are already baking up a storm for Christmas, right?)  Brittany and I are shipping by Friday… but even if you sit this round out, there are teams sending shipments every month, so you can contribute any time!

~ Adrianne


  1. says

    I think that is so nice! And I would play those games, heck anything fun to take their minds off of things would be welcome!

  2. MrsFoxsSweets says

    So awesome you are doing this! I think all those games are fun! You are also getting a ton of practice with that dipping thing and they look great! Thanks for sharing at my Sweet Party :)

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