Balancing Your Toddler’s Diet with #GerberBaby Foods

I recently saw that Gerber makes toddler meals and snacks in addition to their baby food line.  You know that it’s all about quick and easy around here – all the projects and tips I share are about saving time.  I work a full time job, so if I’m going to get any snuggle time at all with my kiddo at the end of the night, I need to keep things quick in the kitchen.

I am happy to report that Raya has turned a corner in the past few weeks, and has really started to eat.  Finally!  I worried for the longest time, because she is the pickiest eater I have ever met!  She did all right on solids until she could feed herself, and then she wouldn’t let me do it anymore (yeah, she’s got a stubborn streak).  She pretty much lived off dry cereal and milk for nearly a year – have you ever seen a kid who won’t even touch birthday cake?  Yeah, that’s my kid.  But now that she finally wants to try some new things, it’s really important to me to kick things off with healthy choices, since she’s a little late to the party already.

I have to confess, right now – being pregnant… I am not eating a very balanced diet myself.  (I know, I know.)  I just can’t stand the thought of about 90% of the foods out there – so I will a lot of times have a salad for dinner, or even just some crackers.  But I am determined to serve Raya a good variety of nutritious foods.  I picked up a few Gerber toddler meals and snacks on my last trip to Target.  The meals make up in under a minute – PERFECT for when your kiddo is hungry like. right. now.  I got her some ravioli, meatballs, brown rice & veggies, fruit & veggie melts, and cereal bars – they have a HUGE selection for all of the food groups in age-appropriate sizes!

Gerber Toddler Food

For breakfast, she won’t give up her current favorite – “ogurt”.  But I love that the Gerber brand has fruit and whole grains blended in!

Gerber Baby Food

At least on days she is being picky, this serving of dairy is more balanced nutrition than plain yogurt.  She LOVES yogurt.

Gerber Toddler Food

She also really enjoyed the chicken & carrot ravioli!  I served it with some fresh raspberries.  She said, “Mama, good!  Try it!” Gee… wonder where she’s heard that before? ;) I actually did try it, too (you have to set a good example, right?) and I was really happy with the freshness and the quality of the food.

Gerber Toddler Food

The cereal bars were also a HUGE hit at snacktime.  I am tossing a box of these in the diaper bag after how much she enjoyed them!

Gerber Toddler Food

When we are out running errands, it’s so tempting to grab a cookie or something to help tide her over – because convenience foods when you’re on the go usually aren’t healthy choices.  This is SUCH a better alternative and totally portable.

Overall – I was really pleased to see fresh food choices made easy to serve my daughter.   It makes me feel a lot better when all I can muster for myself is a lunch of milk and toast (I suppose it could be worse… pickles and ice cream?)

What are your toddlers’ favorite foods?  Any other picky eaters out there?


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  1. says

    I used to get the cereal bars for my little ones too. Now they like granola bars.:) I never tried the meals though. They look good.:)

  2. says

    It’s really great that Gerber is making toddler meals that are balanced and nutritious for parents constantly on the go. I can’t even imagine how overwhelming mealtime can be when you have a toddler and you are also pregnant, so kudos to you for making it through! It’s awesome that Raya (love that name, by the way!) enjoyed the Gerber toddler meals and that you can feel good about feeding her foods that are good for her, that she enjoys, and that save you some precious time!

  3. says

    Makes it so much easier! She’s adorable. :-) So true that it’s just better to have snacks with you than have to pick something up on the road.

  4. says

    I was always worried about the sodium content and processed aspects of the Gerber foods, but I will have to take a second look, especially since Josh is also a big fan of “yogurk” :-), and who am I kidding, it’s got to be better than box mac&cheese!

  5. says

    I had no idea that Gerber made all these products. I will have to pass that information on. Glad that moms have more of a choice now days.

  6. Maribel Reyes says

    Both my kids were gerber babies, until their toddler years. These are great snacks to have readily accessible when out and about :D

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