Barrel Bead Bracelet

I hope my U.S. friends enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend!  In my area, kids are going back to school today.  (Not my kids though, we are going to the zoo today.) :) I’m trying to get as much fun in as I can this week – next week my maternity leave is over and it’s back to work for me.  Boo.  But this week, I do still have some time for getting my craft on, and I have a fun and simple bracelet style for you to try.

Barrel Bead Bracelet Tutorial at

What you will need:

Barrel Bead Bracelet Tutorial at

  • Cord of your choice – mine is a 1.5mm twisted cotton cord, but leather, hemp, or even upholstery cord would work great.
  • Barrel Beads – mine are 10mm beads in a floral design.  To add a little something extra, I added one with a charm loop as well.
  • Optional 2mm and/or 6mm jump rings – I used both.  The 2mm rings on each strand help keep the barrel beads spaced more evenly.
  • Glue-on end caps and jewelry glue – Happy Mango Beads normally stocks these end caps, but it seems they are out of stock as I write this post.  I have also found them in-store at Hobby Lobby sometimes, or Consumer Crafts has another style I like really well in multiple sizes.  Get the 7mm size if you are using these same beads – you want to make sure they are just large enough that your barrel beads won’t slide off the ends.

First, check how many strands of your cord will fit in your end cap.  For me, it was 4 strands.  We are aiming for a 7 inch bracelet (you can vary this depending on your own wrist size) but while you work, it’s much easier to have a little extra length.  You can always trim it down at the end, and the extra length will be easier to work with.  So cut your strands to approximately 9 inches.

If you are working with hemp or cotton, or anything that might unwind as you work, a great tip is to dip the end in a tiny bit of glue before you get started.  It can’t fray that way.  If you are using leather, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Now, glue on one of your end caps.

Barrel Bead Bracelet Tutorial at

If you like the looks of adding a few tiny jump rings, you can add however many you like.  Adding that little bit of extra “bulk” helped to keep my barrel beads from sliding around, but it’s totally optional.  I also put on a few larger rings as well, just to add a it more metal to the overall look.

Barrel Bead Bracelet Tutorial at

Add on your beads.  I used three regular beads, one with a charm loop in the center, then three more regular beads.  But this is your chance to make it your own, so you can assemble yours however you like!

Barrel Bead Bracelet Tutorial at

When you get to the end, just glue on the other cap and add a clasp.  This “S” clasp came with my end cap set, but any type of clasp (toggle, lobster, etc) will work fine.  I also wanted to add a personal charm – this cute little “A”!

Barrel Bead Bracelet Tutorial at

And that is it!  You should be able to put this together in about ten minutes (give or take – depending if you have toddlers stealing your beads as you go, haha).

What styles are you loving this fall?



  1. AmyLee says

    THANK YOU SO… MUCH for sharing your Beautiful work & talent with ALL of us! Your a Wonderful & thorough teacher, allowing those of us who are not so “gifted” to be able to create beautiful things to! Much Appreciated! ?Amy

  2. says

    What a gorgeous bracelet! I used to make my own jewelry when I was younger. Don’t know why I stopped, but this has spurred me on to start doing this again!

  3. Lorraine says

    I love all your tutorials and your style.. it all just clicks for me when I look at your at your site. I have made many of your pièces ,but tweekind them a bit to make it my own. Kudos to you for the original ideas. Great stuff !

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