Sliding Knot Adjustable Bead Bracelet

Today’s bracelet is nothing fancy, just hemp and a single, simple bead.  You can have lots of fun making up several of these once I show you how easy it is to make a macrame slider out of hemp.  This sliding knot is easy to put on and take off, and you don’t need an exact wrist size so it’s great for friendship bracelets too!

Macrame Slider Beaded Bracelet at

What you will need:

Macrame Slider Beaded Bracelet at

  • 24 inches of hemp (2 lengths of 12 inches)
  • A bead
  • A large-eye needle (anything that can accommodate two strands of hemp twine)
  • Scissors

First, cut 12″ of hemp.  Slide a bead onto the center of your strand, and make an overhand knot on either side of it to secure it.  Tie additional beads onto the ends.  I just used small (size 6/0) seed beads for the end stoppers, and a 15mm shamballa-style bead for the focal bead.

Macrame Slider Beaded Bracelet at

Then, lay your ends together, overlapping.  The main part of making this bracelet is the macrame slider.  Cut a second 12″ (or longer is fine) piece of hemp, and tie it around both ends of the bracelet at the center point, so you have two equal length ends to work with.  There’s no special position you have to tie it in, you’ll be able to adjust and slide the slider to wherever you need later.  It’s mainly just important to get both strands.

Now, I started knotting on the right, but you can just as easily start on the left.  For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to say “right” and “left” here.  Make a knot around BOTH strands of the bracelet with the right strand of your slider length of twine.  You don’t want it too tight; remember, your bracelet needs to be easily adjustable.

Then, make a second knot on the right side.

Then, switch to the left side and make 2 knots.  Alternate making 2 knots for a few sets (3-4 should be plenty).

Macrame Slider Beaded Bracelet at

When you have a few sets of knots, thread both strands of the slider hemp through the needle, and pass it inside the slider, tucking those loose ends in.  Trim them off at the other end of the slider.

Macrame Slider Beaded Bracelet at

I made this bracelet up in about 10 minutes!  If this is your first time with a macrame technique, you may need to allow for longer.  I know just how tight to make my slider knots from experience, but if you’re just beginning you may have to experiment a little to get a feel for it.  Once you do, though – you won’t be able to stop making these!! They’re a great lightweight summer bracelet, and they take next to NO supplies!

Macrame Slider Beaded Bracelet at

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