Bathroom Makeover Update: Installing a New Medicine Cabinet

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So our bathroom makeover feels like it’s taking forever, but I guess that’s kind of what happens when you do so much of the work yourself, huh?  I’ve got a quick update to share with you today, because I feel like it’s ALL I’ve been working on lately, haha.  So before I share, let me show you what we’ve been looking at for the nearly 2 years we’ve lived here:

Bathroom Makeover Update at | Paint and Medicine Cabinet Installation

There’s nothing I can do about the size, sadly.  But I can certainly get rid of the chipped mirror, the two shades of blue paint, and add a second sink.  And throw that over-toilet cabinet away.  I’ve never liked that thing!  It makes the small room feel even smaller.

So we ordered the 50″ Fresca medicine cabinet from to fix our storage problem, and get rid of the aging mirror.  Which was, of course, glued to the wall.  Of course.  A quick search on Google showed me the way (and from the search results, I’m not the only one who has needed help on this topic, haha).

Bathroom Makeover Update at | Paint and Medicine Cabinet Installation

Once I got that pried off, I was able to get most of the work done for the medicine cabinet by myself!  The Fresca cabinet comes in two halves so neither gets too heavy.  It’s just measuring, drilling, and screwing to get it installed.  From mirror removal to cabinet installation, I was done in under an hour.  I was really happy with how much it was already assembled.

Bathroom Makeover Update at | Paint and Medicine Cabinet Installation

The one watch-out I want to give is this: make sure you’re using anchors that are appropriate for your wall.  If you can manage to drill into a stud (which isn’t always possible when you’re centering it over your vanity, I know) then the hardware that comes with the cabinets should be fine.  I had to upgrade to a set of expanding hollow wall anchors, though, to get it up securely.

We’re really happy with our pick.  The Fresca cabinet has interior mirrors and plenty of storage space, and it looks really nice – it’s a huge upgrade from what we had!  The whole thing opens up (but let me leave a *little* mystery between us, LOL).  Our order from DecorPlanet came quickly, it was packed really well (almost enough to laugh about, but hey – better safe than sorry!), and the customer service was great.

Bathroom Makeover Update at | Paint and Medicine Cabinet Installation

I painted the walls a light gray to match the new vanity and top we have coming next week (FINALLY).  There are a few spots that still need to be touched up, but I’m waiting to repair any spots that might get left behind with that installation.  And I’m sorry – don’t mind those burned-out bulbs, but the light fixture is getting replaced next week, too, and it seems a waste to buy new bulbs to show you photos of the progress so far. ;)  But what do you think?  It feels so much bigger with that over-toilet cabinet out of the way!

Bathroom Makeover Update at | Paint and Medicine Cabinet Installation

I’m still on the fence about what kind of shower curtain to get, but I’m sure I’ll find the right one soon. ;) I can’t wait to have the room all finished – this is the first room we’ve ever done a total overhaul on.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Do you have a small master bathroom?  Do you have any great solutions for making it feel bigger?  I’d love to hear your suggestions, leave me a comment!

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DecorPlanet provided the cabinet in today’s post for me in exchange for my honest review of the product.  The opinions about this product, installation, and DecorPlanet are all my own.


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    Thanks for posting this! You did a really good job installing a new medicine cabinet in your bathroom. I like how it doubles as a mirror and a cabinet. You made the right move using it to replace your over-toilet cabinet. I agree, it does seem to make the room look smaller. Putting your things in your new cabinet seems like a great way to save space to make your bathroom look a little bigger.

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