Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet

Today’s bracelet project is a little more on the time-consuming side (plan for this one to take most of an hour) but the offset to it is that the supplies are pretty darn cheap and you have SO many ways to make it your own!  Part of what took me so long was that I tried out a more decorative way to finish up what would otherwise be a pretty plain button clasp – and I just love the result.  So get out your seed beads and find a button you love, and I’ll show you how to make a multi-strand beaded bracelet with a button clasp!

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

I’ve include a few affiliate links to Amazon in case you’re looking to locate these supplies.  If you show through my links, thank you!  It supports my craft addiction, and helps me to continue sharing free patterns with you at no extra cost to you.  Just click to learn more or buy what you need.  Here’s the supply list:

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

First, cut 3-4 lengths of waxed linen about 24 inches long.  This will be more than you need, but it’s a lot easier to finish the ends with plenty of length to work with.  Waxed linen is pretty cheap so you don’t need to sweat wasting a little bit.  I cut 4 lengths, but I knew I wanted to braid one of my bead strands which would take 3 strands and not just one.

Double them, so that you have a loop at the top, and 6-8 foot-long strands.  You can either tie an overhand knot to make the loop closure, or you can try what I did, and bead the loop closure.

If you opt to bead it, on one of the strands, string 10-12 beads.  (It will depend on the size of your button – if you have a really large button you will want to add more.)  Space them apart slightly, to spread them around the loop.  Cut an additional 12-inch length of waxed linen and tie it around the loop in a place large enough to accommodate your button.  You can see that photo on the end – the loop and the button are similarly sized.   When you tie the knot, you only need one of the tails to be about an inch or two at the most, leaving the other tail long at 10-11 inches.

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

Wrap the longer end of the cord around the loop a couple times to get a good start.  Then, wrap around the loop between each of the beads.  When you get to the end of the loop, you can tie the two tails together.

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

Don’t cut them off – you can string them inside the beads in the next step.  You can see on the left photo how you can fit 2 cords inside one bead, provided you’re using the size 6/0 which is about a 3mm bead.

Come up with whatever patterns you like!  If you’re just stringing the beads, make a knot at the very end of your cord to make double-sure they don’t slide off.  (You can also use a bead crimp, whatever you like – just don’t leave it to chance when you’ve got the extra length to work with.)  I braided beads onto three of my cords, too, and for that strand I knotted it right at the base of the braid.  (If you’d like to know more about how to braid beads onto cords, this post will show you exactly how to do it.)

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

Now, the finished length will vary a little depending on how big a button you chose, but I’m making the assumption here that your button is roughly an inch in diameter – no larger than 2 inches.  (If you opt for something bigger, check the finished length against your wrist as you work to see how much beaded length you need.)  But you will want to bead approximately 7 inches of length.   Do make an effort to get ALL your strands the same length; if any are longer, it will look droopy compared to the others when your bracelet is done.

When all your strands are full of beads, tie an overhand knot at the end to group them all together.  Then, separate your strands and tie on the button.  (To do this, basically just thread as many strands through as will fit the button’s holes, and then tie the remaining cords over the back of the button with a square knot/double knot.)

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

Trim off those ends, and your bracelet is ready!  You can wear it with the button toward your wrist, or with it on top.

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

Wearing it on top would show off that lovely beaded loop, and the button if you’ve chosen something special.  I’m all ready for autumn with my bare tree!

Beaded Button Clasp Bracelet at

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    • says

      Hi Taylor!

      I like waxed linen because the texture is sturdy enough that you don’t need to use a beading needle, yet it’s flexible enough to move with your wrist when you wear it. Really, it’s just a preference of mine (and the price point helps too, because it’s quite inexpensive). You can find waxed linen on Amazon here:

  1. Faye says

    I look forward everyday to your 1 hour jewelry projects. This one is going in my list of “to do’s.” Please keep the great projects coming, you are such a inspiration. Thank you!

  2. Vicki says

    Arggh, trying to string but the ends of this Irish waxes linen keeps fraying! I’ve tried twisting and beeswax and even a awl. What’s the secret to keep ends together?

    • says

      I wonder if maybe yours isn’t as waxy as the brand I used? Mine is Darice brand, but it only comes in black and brown.

      When I’m using hemp (which frays) I will sometimes dip the end in craft glue, and squeeze it back off. Let it dry for around 10 minutes before beginning. That will typically harden it enough to work with, and then when I’m finished I just cut those ends off.

  3. says

    Thank you very much for this tutorial. i have TONS of beads left from my jewelry making days and I might have just found a way to use them. Yay! :D
    Have a great day!

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