Beginner’s Loom-Knit Cowl

Are you still collecting ideas for handmade Christmas gifts?  I have a great easy one to share with you today (yep, that’s right – I said easy).  I am going to share how to make a cute and simple cowl.  It’s not crochet, you don’t need knotting needles – you can get this look by using a loom knitter.  If you’re not familiar with loom knitters – they are actually categorized as a kids’ craft!  Because truly, they are that easy!  I have never picked up a crochet hook in my life (despite all the times I’ve promised myself to learn… maybe next year!) and I made this easy cowl in 2 hours.  (I know, I usually give you one-hour projects… but this ine is truly twice as awesome, haha.)

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at www.happyhourprojects,.com

This is a tutorial that I originally shared at the Crafts Unleashed blog - where I contribute a couple times a month.  That is the inspiration blog for  So you will notice links below to products from the Consumer Crafts Site.  I am including them here to make it easy to locate supplies – I don’t get any sort of referral or affiliate credit if you make a purchase, though I was provided with these materials so that I could share the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.  If you also read there (and I highly recommend it – there is some amazing creativity on the design team!) then you may already have seen this project, but I wanted to share here today in case you’re still in search of a great last-minute idea!

Supplies needed to make your own loom knit cowl from

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

I used the largest (pink) ring in the set because it fit easily over my head.  (If you are making a child-sized cowl, you can use the next smaller ring.)  These knitters also come with instructions for making a loom-knit hat, so you could certainly make a matching accessory!

Start at the peg on the side.  You may find it helpful to wrap your yarn end around the side peg to secure it while you get started.  Loop your yarn around each peg, making your way around the ring.  Don’t get your loops too tight, or they will be difficult to work with when you begin to weave.  I worked in a clockwise direction through my project, but you can work in either direction you prefer – you will just need to stay consistent through the end.

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

Once you complete one ring, you will need to wrap a second row before you can begin to weave.  You will always be working with two rows at a time.

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

Now, you can begin weaving!  From the outside of the ring, take the bottom loop, and pass it over the top loop and over the peg itself, into the center of the ring.  It’s easiest if you use the weaving tool included with the set, though you could also use a crochet hook or even your fingers.

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

Once you work your way all the way around the ring, you have completed your first row of knitting!  Loop your yarn around the pegs just as you did in the previous step, and each time you complete a row, weave it just as before, passing the bottom row over the pegs.

I knitted 30 rows for this cowl, and I used less than half a skein of yarn.  I would recommend a minimum of 30 rows, though for a chunkier-looking cowl, you could easily knit double that number.

To finish your cowl when you are done knitting, unwind a length of yarn that will fit all the way around the loom with a couple of inches to spare.

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

Cut it off, and thread it onto the plastic needle in the kit. Beginning at the peg that marks your rows, pass the needle through the loop remaining on the peg.  When you have passed the yarn through, you can slip that loop off the peg.  Do this for each loop, until you have closed them all off.  It’s easy to make this final loop too tight, so stretch your cowl to be sure the rows are uniform.  Then, tie a knot (I didn’t use any special knot – just a standard double knot) to secure the end, and trim off the excess.  Do the same thing for the beginning row to get rid of that excess “tail.”

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

At this point – you will have a beautiful completed cowl!  Mine took me about 2 hours from start to finish – which included getting the hang of the technique.  So even a true beginner can complete this in an afternoon or an evening!

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

I have been wearing this cowl almost daily with all the snow we’ve had the past week or two here in Michigan.  It’s just the right weight – not too bulky to fit under a jacket or to wear on its own with a top, but it’s enough to keep me feeling nice and cozy.  And you better believe I’m making more as gifts this year!

Beginner's Loom Knit Cowl - An Easy Last-Minute Handmade Gift! at

So did you use a loom knitter as a kid?  Are you laughing that I’m just discovering it now?  I had SO much fun with this project!

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  1. Wonderful. After Christmas I want to get to one of these looms. I have several sizes.. Thanks for the inspiration. Linda
    Linda recently posted..Ornament Link Party and a Michael’s Craft Store GiveawayMy Profile

  2. How pretty! And you know what? I could *possibly* do this myself. ;) Thanks for sharing another awesome tutorial!
    Bethany recently posted..{DIY Christmas Pendant with Dimensional Magic}My Profile

  3. Okay, that is rad. I had a French Loom as a kid (and my eldest might just be getting a little one for Christmas from her grandmother – but shhhhh!) and I loved making Barbie rugs. But you’re telling me that I can make a COWL with one?

    I’m getting one. ASAP.
    Tara recently posted..We Tore Our House Apart… Two Weeks Before Christmas!My Profile

  4. I don’t know how to knit or crochet but I could totally do this!

  5. Oh, that is gorgeous. Great tutorial and the final product is awesome.
    Shannah recently posted..Make Your Own Glittered Wrapping SuppliesMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial! I can imagine all the beautiful possibilities with all the novelty yarns available on the market! Endless…..
    Roxanne recently posted..Throw Back Thursday: Holiday Memories & Treats!!My Profile

  7. Your cowl is gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE the yarn you selected! Well done, my friend. I can’t wait to see what else you create with your looms!
    Marilyn recently posted..Grow Your Google+ CirclesMy Profile


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