Blog Tips: How to Turn Off Word Verification

My, my – things just keep changing, don’t they?

Of course everyone is discussing the changes to GFC at the end of this month, and the new Linky Followers tool.  Which I have, and I really like!  I love how it lets me sort my blogs between those I visit daily, and those I like and want to keep track of, but maybe don’t have time to go and visit every day.  It will be interesting to see if Blogger-hosted blogs end up losing GFC too – especially with how popular Linky Followers is already becoming.  Guess we will see!

Anyway – I would love for you to follow me on Linky Followers, if you’re not already. :) I’m trying to re-follow all my favorite blogs who are adding Linky Followers – but to make it easy on me, if you’ve just added Linky Followers too, leave me your link in the comments and I will be glad to drop by and make sure I’m following you that way too!

Now, the real reason for my post today – there’s another recent change that I keep running across on Blogger blogs  – the move from single-word verification to the two-word verificaation.  Is anyone else having trouble with this since they went to the black-and-white?  This spam-prevention step from Blogger, is only aimed at computer-generated spam.  If it’s an actual person leaving you unwanted comments, it does nothing to discourage them except make them complete another step.  It does, however, discourage real human beings who are trying to comment if they fail the word verification, which is suddenly really hard to read.  (I know my eyes are getting old, but I had no problem with the old one-word verification step – it was much more legible.)

Not sure what I am talking about?  You probably don’t even know that your blog has this setting enabled, as blog authors can comment on their own blogs without completing the word verification.  But it’s this maddening process:

Please prove you’re not a robot.  Heh.

Well, maybe I’m not human enough, but I find the smooshy word so much harder to read than the previous word verification process Blogger had.  What is that?  filmods? fiimods? flimods?  I am so irritated with word verification that I have made it my personal mission to show you how to turn it off.  Yes, it’s possible to still get some spam comments.  Blogger spam filters are pretty good and will catch most of them.  And if you happen to get a lot, you can use this same process to turn your word verification back on.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I have only ever just had a few spam comments since I’ve been blogging.  And if it’s an actual person spamming you, they’ll be able to get past your word verification anyway.  You can always enable comment moderation if it makes you feel more comfortable.  The above message has both, which is overkill in my opinion.

First of all, if you have recently started blogging, the default setting that Blogger sets you to is that word verification is on.  It’s not something you opted to turn on yourself.  Turning it off used to be a simple setting in the old Blogger interface, but if you are new, you are probably using the new interface, where enabling or disabling it isn’t an option anymore.  So let me show you how to get back to the old interface, where you can access the setting.

First of all, go to your dashboard.  Click on the little sprocket-icon-thingy to open up your options.  Select Old Blogger Interface.

You’ll be taken to a screen a lot like this.  Choose “Settings”.

In the Settings screen, go to the “Comments” section.

Scroll down, nearly to the bottom.  You will find the section for “Word Verification”.  Set the button to “No”.  BE SURE TO CLICK SAVE SETTINGS.

Then, you can switch back to the new interface by clicking “Try the Updated Blogger Interface”.

Simple as that.  We all love some comment-love, so make it easy on your readers to leave you comments!

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~ Adrianne


  1. Hibiscus House says

    Hi found you on Linky Hop..following and would love a follow back please. I hate these changes but guess in a way it is good. We get to meet new people.

  2. Terry says

    FABULOUS!!! I want to give you three big cheers for doing this essential tutorial. Good going.

  3. Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment says

    I hope you convince everyone to get rid of word verification. It drives me nuts. I am the same “not human enough” as you are!! Good post!

  4. Kelsey says

    Thanks for the tips! I just turned mine off. You're right, it is annoying!

    I also signed up for the linky followers.

  5. MrsFoxsSweets says

    I agree…this does detour me from leaving comments sometimes, especially if I am in a rush! Half the time it takes me a couple times to get the verification words right…can be quite annoying!

  6. Stephen Tremp says

    First time visitor (and follower). Great to meet you! I'd like to post this on my blog with your permission. I'll do a linkback to your blog. I'm co-host of a blogging event called the 2012 April Blogging A to Z Challenge and we're trying to get the good word out to hundreds of people on how to turn off the WV on their blogs. So thanks for a simple tutorial and helping to make the world a better place!

  7. simona says

    i've felt the same way especially the past few days when leaving comments on other blogs. i've never had problems with spam on my own blog, it always got caught so far without needing verification. i do put in the settings that i want verification after the post is a certain amount of days old.
    it really discourages me from leaving comments. and i have good eye sight and have problems reading it as well.
    i hope a few of my favorite bloggers will read your post and change their settings, i really can't stand this whole double word verification thing… ;)

  8. Allison says

    Thanks so much for posting this! The new comment system drives me crazy and I want to limit the craziness for people who want to comment on my own blog.

  9. Kelly says

    Thanks for the tips. I just assumed that it was turned off on my blog. Now I will go check.

  10. Deana says

    Great Post…I forgot all about the new interface I stay on the old…..pinning this to blog tips….Thanks for linking up@CountryMommaCooks have a wonderful weekend:)

  11. Gleeful says

    I found you on Latest and Greatest Friday and read through all of your blog tips. I love the clear tutorials – very helpful! I should probably post about word verification too – it's the worst. I've turned mine off long ago but will check because I'm paranoid I didn't save my settings! Thanks for the excellent posts. I'm off to check out more of your blog!

  12. babsy (Barbara) says

    Thank You.. thank you …thank you for putting this on your site.. It really came in handy for me.. as I am someone who needs to be shown how to do anything… You are a lifesavor…for sure…

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