Book Page Magnet Sets

A lot of you regular readers know that every November, I volunteer heading up my local writers’ group.  We decided this year that we would hold a silent auction fundraiser for NaNoWriMo, and I made a couple sets of book page magnets for my book-addicted friends!  If you have book-fans on your Christmas list this year, this is a fun gift you can make.

Harry Potter Glass Tile Magnets

What you’ll need:

  • Old book(s), a pencil, and scissors to create your clippings
  • Clear glass tiles (often available on Etsy or at
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Something firm and flat to act as a squeegee, like an old club card
  • Heavy-duty magnets
  • Heavy-duty adhesive (I use E6000)

First… you have to find a book you’re willing to murder.  Check consignment stores, used book stores, etc – you can many times find a beaten-up paperback copy of a book you love for a project like this.  You can also just scan a page of your favorite book if you have access to a scanner.

Find the words, themes, or characters you want to feature.  Trace your glass tiles with the work you like centered.  Clip them out.

Book Page Magnets

Now, add a drop of Mod Podge onto each clipping.

Book Page Magnets

Use a paintbrush to spread it around.  It’s okay if it starts to curl up.  Then, press your clear glass tile onto the top.

Book Page Magnets

Now, flip it over and use a card or squeegee to remove the excess Mod Podge.

Book Page Magnets

It will seep over the edges, but that’s okay.  It wipes off really easily – and if it manages to dry before you have a chance to wipe it, you can scratch it off instead.

Book Page Magnets

Now, give the backside a coat of Mod Podge and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.  Then, add you magnets.  These you will have to let dry far apart from each other – the magnets WILL attract! (Even dry, I wasn’t able to photograph them together without sticking them to a piece of metal!)

Book Page Magnets

Let them dry at least a few hours, preferably overnight.

Book Page Magnets

Then, you have a nice set for gifting!

Book Page Magnets

They raised a few dollars each in our auction, so I was happy to be able to contribute them!  Which books would you like to see turned into decor pieces?


  1. says

    Oh these are to cute!! I love both of these books, my son however would go nuts for the Hunger Games ones! Maybe I’ll have to make some with him.:)

  2. Jessica says

    I may have just died! I think I might just have to make some of those and the Harry Potter is perfect!

  3. Traci says

    This is a great gift idea. I am currently using the pages of an old dictionary for projects and this would be perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Lydia says

    Why would you do this? A book is already art. You don’t need to destroy them to make your childlike crafts. This is really disgusting. Scanning would be fine. But that’s not what you did. Why people do this I’ll never understand.

    • says

      Lydia, I am not sure if you meant it to be, but your comment comes across very mean spirited and can’t understand why you are so offended by the project. I agree that books are art and I love when people find ways to upcycle and reuse pages from books that are falling apart and would otherwise just be thrown out.

    • says

      I adore these! I plan to make some for our new fridge! Thanks so much for the clever idea! As far as the negative comment of Lydia goes…that’s just plain rude!

  5. Jessi says

    Those are way cool! My brother made little magnets in a similar fashion out of a school photo of himself (I think it was a class project) and it turned out pretty cool too. And you’re right, those would be awesome gifts! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  6. says

    I love this! I have a bunch of books that were partially ruined by sandy, & this would be a great way to recycle them!

  7. Carl Hancock Marketing Godalming says

    I think I’ve just found my little sister’s birthday present…though I’m not sure she’d appreciate me hacking up her copy of Harry Potter!

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