Bottom of the Cereal Box Recipes: Apple and Spice Cookies

How many boxes of open cereal are in your cupboard right now?  If you have kids, I’m sure you have more than one!  We have five, and that’s pretty average.  Because in our house, we all like something different, and we all like to have a choice or two available.  The dilemma is, when you want to keep your daily flavors fresh, how do you make sure it all gets eaten while it’s still fresh?

Bottom of the Cereal Box Recipes: Apple and Spice Cookies at has you covered with today’s #Great Starts tip: Bottom of the Box Recipes.  I needed an idea to use up the last bit of our Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal, and found the recipe for these Apple and Spice cookies.

Apple and Spice Cookies - a #GreatStarts Kellogg's Recipe

They were a huge hit, and I always love baking when it’s cold out.  This crazy Michigan snow had us indoors all weekend (except to run the snowblower) and it’s always cozy to fill your house with wonderful smells and the warmth from the oven on a day like that.  And yes, that is about 14 inches of snow on our deck in the background, there.  Brrr.

Apple and Spice Cookies - a #GreatStarts Kellogg's Recipe

here are lots of recipes on the Tips For a Great Start site available to try out using almost any amount of Kellogg’s cereals.  Bottom of the Box recipes ensure that food doesn’t go to waste, and it keeps variety in your family’s meals and snacks.  (Plus, you won’t have to hear “Mom, there’s nothing to eeeeat!”)  There are recipes for both snacks and hearty main course dishes using the cereals you already have in your cupboard.

You can visit for more recipe inspiration using the bottom of your box (or boxes)!


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  1. says

    I LOVE the bottom of the box concept! Other than saving corn flakes for coating chicken or to use as a topping on casseroles, I would never have thought to make anything else. And those cookies look so good.

    I’m on my way to their website to check out the recipes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Adrianne, I MUST check out the bottom of the boxes for some great recipes. Your cookies look absolutely delicious on a cold snowy day!

  3. says

    We always have several boxes with just a handful or so of cereal, I never think to use it all as a snack or in a recipe. Thank you for the tip!!

  4. says

    I love this concept- boxes of cereal sit for WAY to long in our pantry for sure and end up just getting tossed usually. I need to really wrap my head around the idea of cereal as an ingredient- could be super helpful lots of nights when it comes to dinner!

  5. says

    How great! I am forever finding small amounts of cereal left at the bottom of the boxes! Your cookies look really good too, I wouldn’t guess they have Rice Crispys in them

  6. says

    Oh, YUM! That sounds SO good…can I have a few of those right now? Such a genius idea for all those leftover crumbs too!

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