Snack Attack: Easy Brie Cheese and Apple Appetizer

Okay, so this may look like a bit of a cheat… and it kind of is!  But I’ve got a snack we enjoy from time to time at our house that makes for an upscale twist on a cheese-and-cracker appetizer.  A bit of brie cheese with apples on crackers or crusty bread makes for a heavenly combo – for just about zero effort.  You just do some slicing and plating, and that’s it!

Easy Brie Cheese and Apple Appetizer at

A few tips:

  • Slice your bread thinly, and you can even toast it for an easy crostini.  Or just serve with hearty crackers.  It’s the brie cheese and apple combo that’s truly the star here.  I suppose you could even skip the bread altogether.
  • I haven’t met an apple I didn’t like with brie cheese… so I don’t thik you can go wrong.  Offering a couple options is a nice idea, and adds visual variety, too.  Choose a crisp apple.  Typically we will pick up Granny Smith and Gala apples. You don’t need much, so a thin slice is fine.
  • To keep your apples from browning while out, you can spritz them with lemon juice immediately after slicing them.
  • You can slice the brie while cold, or spread it at room temperature – your call.
  • This is delicious cold, but even better warm.  If you’ve got a few minutes to toast your cheese on the bread under the broiler, that’s delicious too.  I rarely take the time to go that extra step, but you can!

Easy Brie Cheese and Apple Appetizer at

So – while you can hardly call this a “recipe” to slice up three ingredients, I promise, it’s a great crowd-pleaser!  This is a combo I’ve enjoyed for years, but we spotted it on the small-plate menu of an upscale place while we were on vacation recently.  It’s still going around, and I’ve been craving it again ever since.  NOM.

Easy Brie Cheese and Apple Appetizer at

What’s your favorite easy appetizer?

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  1. marie says

    What a good idea ! You know that Brie is from France !
    We havn’t deep bezel but we have Brie !
    Have a very nice day.

  2. G says

    So many french people around there ! I love Brie with slices of … apricots, and the best of all, with grapes in automn …

    Que des Français par ici ! J’aime le brie avec des tranches de …. d’abricots, et le meilleur de tous, des grains de raisins en automne !

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