So I was going to post a little tutorial for you today, but what with the strange day yesterday I didn’t feel like editing photos or doing any work… I opted for hugging my kiddo a little tighter and just enjoying the time with my family.   I actually took a vacation day yesterday, and the more I reflect on it, I’m so happy that I took the opportunity to put my work on hold and just be with my family.  I’m going to share a little about our day, instead.

Butterfly Garden

We visited Frederik Meijer Gardens, which is a local attraction that has a botanical garden that houses a butterfly exhibit every March & April, and a children’s garden to play in.  Raya LOVED it.  I wasn’t sure she would “get” it, and I’ve seen kids afraid of the “bugs”.  So we talked about butterflies that morning and even had a butterfly-themed breakfast.

Butterfly Garden

Okay, I confess, my idea of a “fancy butterfly meal” is totally just making the toast look like a butterfly.  Hey, it worked. ;)

Butterfly Garden

I loved seeing her get so excited about the wonders of the world.  We found some caterpillars and talked about how they eat and eat, and then change into butterflies.

Butterfly Garden

And of course, every single one was exciting to find in the garden.

Butterfly Garden

I packed light (by which I mean I totally forgot to put the battery back in the camera, so I had to take photos on my iPhone) so I don’t have a bunch of gorgeous butterfly shots, but as you walk around the garden, they are everywhere!

Butterfly Garden

It was finally a warm enough day to go outside (a miracle, considering we were running errands in the snow on Sunday!) so we played in the children’s garden for a little bit.

Butterfly Garden

So while I feel heartsick about yesterday’s tragedy, it just makes me feel even more strongly that sometimes you have to take a day off to stop and enjoy the simple things.  I am so thankful to have spent a wonderful day NOT working, and just playing with my family outside yesterday.

Butterfly Garden

What are you thankful for today?



  1. says

    I love butterfly gardens. Butterflies are so full of hope. Seems like a great activity for a day like yesterday.

  2. Oodie says

    Loved the pics…I too am a butterfly lover…Every summer I raise,tag and release Monarchs…Something I am passing on to my own son for the hopes he may be able to do the same with his children some day…I have done this with Monarchs since I was a child…I am currently waiting for my Eastern Black Swallowtails to hatch…They have been snoozin along in my garage since last fall…My summer months consists of “worm” gathering, feeding and releasing Monarchs on their way to Mexico…Then comes the end of summer I am putting my swallowtail cocoons to bed for their winter naps…It truly is something to enjoy with children…When you can hatch a butterfly and place it in the hands of a child to release there is nothing better than that…Thanks for sharing your adventures with us all!!….Oodie

  3. Janel says

    Before I read the caption to the first photo, I exclaimed, “That’s Frederick Meijer Gardens!” Fellow West Michigander here. We are in North Muskegon! Love the butterfly gardens and the children activities! Just so happy I found out you are in our area.

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