Cabochon Pendant

I bought some cabochons on a whim, and promptly forgot about them.  They were pretty hot for like a minute, but I saw so many that I guess I fell out of love with them.  Then Kadie over at Seven Alive posted some of her recent cabochon creations, and suddenly I was motivated to see what I could do, too.

I wanted something different, maybe a romantic look, so I pulled a couple scraps out of my fabric stash.  I picked a black chiffon and a white tulle because they are sheer fabrics, but you could use anything – it wouldn’t have to be sheer.  I cut the tulle square and the chiffon round, just slightly larger than my bezel.  (The bezels came from Michael’s at one point in time, but they were retrieved from my stash.  You may notice that when I talk jewelry, I never seem to need to buy anything.  It’s true – my supplies are a little outrageous.)

I had to turn my bezel into a pendant, so I did so by stringing a seed bead onto an eye pin, threading the bezel on, and making a loop at the top.  You could avoid this step by buying a bezel that has a bail already attached.  But the motto here is, use what you have, so I improvised.

Once I had my bail all set, all I did was add a bit of E6000 to the bezel, and layer my fabric scraps on.

I ended up trimming the tulle down a little, but I started a little bigger just in case. You can certainly play with different shapes or layering here – whatever look appeals to you!  Then, I added my cab to the center, and decided it needed a little ribbon at the top to finish the look.

Then all I did was string it!  You will need to wait a few hours for the adhesive to cure before you wear it, of course, but it took me longer to decide on a color scheme than it did to put this together – it’s only about a 10-minute project!

What other designs have you come up with for your cabochons?  I have… um, quite a supply to play around with! ;)

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~ Adrianne


  1. Terry says

    This is so pretty, and yes, romantic. I think that the dainty detail in the flower really lends itself well to the overall look. Very nice. I want a peek at your jewelry stash, lol.

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