DIY Infinity Scarf With Chains – Video Tutorial

DIY Infinity Scarf with Chains - Video Tutorial at

If you read here… well, ever, then I’m sure you’ve noticed my affinity for trend accessories.  And of course, I LOVE a good DIY, too.  So I put together a quick video for you showing you how you can easily make a no-sew infinity scarf from a t-shirt, and embellish it with chains for an […]

On-The-Go Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe On the Go at

I’ve seen several versions of the classic tic tac toe game floating around out there, so this is by no means my own genius idea, LOL.  But I did whip up a simple little game board and pieces over the weekend, and I wanted to show you how I put it together!  It was a […]

DIY Hem Fix for Your Jeans


As promised, my friend Lori has a fabulous tutorial today for a simple but creative way to hem your jeans. I LOVE this idea! Lori is the mastermind over at Dolly Outfitters. She makes beautiful doll clothes and is sponsoring a giveaway for Happy Hour Projects readers right now! You can enter to win your […]

Simple Sewn Valentines


If you feel like you missed out on the handmade Valentines with yesterday’s Silhouette-friendly post, don’t fret.  I’ve got a fun handmade Valentine idea for you today, too.  It does still require a machine, but today it’s your trusty sewing machine. ;) I put these two cards together in about 10 minutes.  So once you’ve […]

A Starbucks #DeliciousPairings Gift For An Awesome Friend


A lot of you regular readers know, my husband and I work opposite shifts.  I work a full time day job in an office, and he works full time evenings bartending.  We have a couple hours of overlap in our schedules, and two days a week, Raya goes to daycare to play for 2 hours… […]

Simple Minky Baby Blanket

A couple weeks ago, I posted a cute little Owl Stuffie I made for my niece’s first birthday.  Even after making a second one for Raya, I still had leftover fabric in a pattern I just love.  So I thought I’d make a little blanket for Raya to match her owl! Raya is a security […]

Owl Stuffie

Owl Stuffie

My niece turned one over the weekend, and I whipped up a cute little stuffie for her.  And whoooo doesn’t love OWLS, right? :D As long as you have basic sewing skills, you’ll find this to be a really quick little project.  (I made two – one for Raya as well – and had both […]