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Kellogg’s cereals have been a part of my life for, well, my entire life.  I grew up about 30 minutes from “cereal city” (yes, they really call Battle Creek that!) so it’s always been a hometown pride sort of thing for me.  Fun fact?  I’ve actually had cereal at the world’s longest breakfast table at the cereal festival!  We ate a LOT of Kellogg’s cereal growing up, and my kids eat it too.  It’s more than just breakfast in our house – it makes for a good night snack, too!  I love how easy a good bowl of cereal is – and it sure beats a bowl of ice cream when you’ve got that nagging craving for a little something sweet.  Ahem. :)

Winding Down at Night with Kellogg's at

When we’re winding down for the night, the last thing I want to do is spend even yet MORE time in the kitchen.  I want quick, easy, and neat.  If Raya has earned some game time for being good all day, cereal is about the only snack I trust to be near the computer.

Winding Down at Night with Kellogg's at

Raya may have one bowl of cereal in the evening after dinner, if she is hungry.  It curbs her asking for candy and junk food, and it’s something she can get herself – because suddenly everything is all about her autonomy.  “I can do it myself!” – the phrase that strikes fear into my heart, LOL.  The one that so often results in a mess on the floor, on the counter, and on places I won’t even FIND for at least a week… moms, you know this one, right?

By pre-portioning bowls when I open a new box of cereal, it’s now something that she CAN do herself.  She can go to the pantry, choose what she would like, and open it herself.  No ripped bag, no mess, and NO stale cereal this way.  She gets to be independent, and I get to not clean the kitchen again.

Pre-Portioned Cereal Bowls

Raya loves both Froot Loops and the new Jif Peanut Butter cereal.  (If you love peanut butter, it’s a must-try!  There’s also another new flavor, Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes, which is a lightly sweetened graham flavor.)  But MY favorite is one of the classics: Frosted Flakes.  I spotted it in limited-edition night time packaging the last time I made a #CollectiveBias trip to Walmart.

Winding Down at Night with Kellogg's at

I think it’s great to see night time snack packaging.  When I finally get the kids to bed and finish up my work and FINALLY get some down time at the end of the day, I enjoy doing a little reading.  But indulgent times trigger indulgent cravings for me.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this??  All day long, I don’t give junk food a second thought, but the minute I sit down with time to myself – it’s all I want.  Cookies.  Ice cream.  Anything sweet.

Winding Down at Night with Kellogg's at

It’s like I want a subconscious reward for conquering the day, haha.  Two kids successfully bathed and in bed?  My work done for the night?  Time to sit down?  This calls for a celebration!

A bowl of Frosted Flakes with some fresh berries is the perfect solution: it’s just enough sweet and enough crunch to satisfy that craving, without going overboard.

Winding Down at Night with Kellogg's at

Do you have a late-night craving?  Do you snack on cereal too?

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    What a genius idea, the pre-portioned cereal. I can’t believe I never thought of it! I agree, cereal is an awesome snack!

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    I wish I had thought of portioning cereal out when my kids were little. The mess they made tearing the boxes apart was insane. I so remember those years when they thought they could do everything themselves. #client

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