Cheap Thrills: Why Costume Jewellery Is Better Than The Real Thing!

In a recent article for The Guardian, style columnist Lauren Laverne asked us: “Why not costume jewellery?” A self-confessed costume jewellery addict herself, she took to the stands to convince us to put down our silver and diamonds and embrace the wonders of inexpensive gems. Even fashion goddess, Coco Chanel, had her back on this topic, admitting to wearing costume jewellery herself because she considered a large display of wealth ugly.

And far be it from us to question the wisdom of Coco Chanel; keep reading to discover the benefits of costume jewellery versus the “real thing.”


Does anyone have enough money nowadays to throw at a big chunk of diamonds? According to Coco, it’s unattractive to lace yourself with gold and rubies; that aside, why spend thousands of pounds on a necklace when you can get a whole sack of lovely costume jewels for the same amount of money?

Costume jewellery is often high quality in structure, so surely these pieces are just there as pretty accessories, not statements of wealth. Unless you want to showcase how much money you own, there is virtue in a modest jewellery box.


Costume jewellery rings can be worn on countless occasions; even on a night out! You don’t have to worry about getting your precious necklace lost down a gutter or stolen. If you’re wearing costume jewellery, c’est la vie! You can easily replace it and relatively little cost. If it’s the genuine article, you may have just lost an entire pay cheque.

The Hunt

There’s something quite thrilling about sniffing out jewellery gems in charity shops. Usually, if an item has any worth, it will go straight to eBay or be kept on by family members, but all sorts of fantastic pieces of costume and statement jewellery wind up in second-hand stores. That way, you don’t have to rely on high street stores to update your jewellery stand, and you can find some gorgeously unique accessories that will have your friends asking “where did you get that?”

Add A Little Spice

Regular jewellery, carefully carved into elegant pieces, rarely achieves the wow factor that costume jewellery can create. There are a variety of jazzy items available, made from all kinds of interesting substances. Even the most boring outfit can be completely transformed with some funky, costume jewellery extras. Costume jewellery is fun and it can either be completely outlandish or  conservative and pretty, depending on the look you want to go for!

Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Unless you’re made of money, you won’t be able to keep up with the ever-changing waves of fashion.  However, with costume jewellery, you stand a chance! An item here or there will hardly break your bank balance, whereas the real thing could start really taking a toll on your wallet. This season, sculptural silver is in, as well as grand tiara headbands, chokers, pendants, and chandelier earrings,  thank you, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana. Do you have a special piece of costume jewellery in your drawers that you just couldn’t live without?

This guest post was written by Gail Newland, in collaboration with costume jewellery company Pearl & Butler.


  1. Lauren says

    I inherited a slew of costume jewelry from my grandmother and great aunt when they passed away – – and they have become some of my most treasured pieces. Whenever I pull one out to jazz up an outfit, I’m reminded of my loved ones, and proudly wear their jewelry. Also, I’d say that most of my jewelry compliments are when I’m wearing costume jewelry. When paired with the right outfit, they can really become the most eye-catching aspect of your look. I’m all about it. Great guest post!

  2. terry says

    I am a huge fan of costume jewelry as well. If I had an expensive piece (because with our budget it would only be ONE expensive piece), then I would feel like I had to wear it all the time to make it worthwhile and that would ruin a lot of the fun of dressing up I think.

  3. says

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