Classic Cupcakes in Jars

I didn’t invent putting cupcakes into jars.  Whoever did was a genius, though.  They make up such perfect, portable treats – I send them to work with my husband every so often.  Er, especially when he’s about to ask for a Friday night off. ;)

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

See, he bartends, so it’s not like an office break room where people can come and go and grab a regular cupcake.  People can grab a jar, and enjoy it on their break, or after work – whatever works for them.  I’ve also served cupcakes in jars at picnics and showers, too – anytime a regular cake (or even cupcakes) might be a little messy, or anytime people might be too full and want to take their cake to-go.

I made these ones Valentine-themed… they would be perfect to share with your Valentines this year as part of a little gift basket or if you’re out and about!

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

There’s not really a “recipe” per se (you can totally use the boxed mix!) but I’m glad to share with you my tips and tricks for doing cupcakes in jars the absolute easiest way possible.

First – get yourself some 8 oz. Ball jars.  One box of mix and one can of frosting will make roughly a dozen jars.  Wash and dry your jars and lids thoroughly.  Keep the box your jars came in handy so that you can load them back up in the box for easy transportation!

Make up your mix of choice in cupcake pans.  Fill them about halfway – no more than 2/3.  If your cupcake tins are on the larger side, definitely don’t over-fill them.

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

Just bake and cool them according to the package directions.  We used Strawberry this time. :) I also don’t bother with cupcake papers since you’ll just have to take them back off again.

Now, load one into each of your jars.  You can use the back of a spoon to help push it in if you need to.  The frosting is actually easier than you might think – scoop it out of the can and put it in a ziploc bag.  Seal it up, and nip a corner off the bag.  We’re going to squirt it. ;)

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

When you squirt it, get it close to the edges of the jar, since that’s what’s going to show.  I just make a little spiral, like so.

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

Then, I use the back of a spoon to smooth it out.

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

Then, add another cupcake on top of your frosting, and add another layer of frosting just the same.  Feel free to add a topping here, I like to add sprinkles or mini chocolate chips!

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

Now, you have to decide how to decorate them.  In the past, I have cut fabric scraps to add between the lid and the ring, but this time I picked up a Package of 2″ round Avery Labels.  You can download a template right on their website to fit the labels.

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

I just picked a fun floral design and added my Valentine messages.  The labels fit the standard 8 oz jars perfectly!

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

Then, just pop the lids on your cakes.  You can add a bit of ribbon also, if you like.  If it’s going to be a day or two before you deliver them, make sure you store them in the refrigerator.  They seem to last really well for about 4 days if they are refrigerated, and they stay so much more moist in jars over regular cupcake papers.

Classic Cupcakes In Jars

Everyone loves them, they are totally gift-able, and it helps keep things clean at serving time.

Do you serve cupcakes in jars?  Do you have any tips that work well?  I’d love to hear them – leave a comment!



  1. Tanya says

    These look so impressive! Gotta get me some jars! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!

  2. Raydonna says

    Love your idea of “Happy Hour”. Yes, you can accomplish lots in one hour and have such pleasure doing it. I am fortunate enough to work and teach things that can be done to relieve stress and give you pleasure while making a gift. Thanks for a neat website. I will put you on my favorites page.

    • says

      Same as regular cupcakes. The jars are just a container – they aren’t truly “canned”. I’d give them about 4 days if you store them in the refrigerator!

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