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Hey friends!  I HAVE MISSED YOU.  I had a disaster in my studio recently and have had to put in more hours than I want to admit putting a workable space back together.  My new studio is coming together nicely, though, and I’m so excited to show it off!  I put together a quick craft room tour to share with you today… um, possibly because it will never be this clean again.

But it’s organized.  Whew.

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Actually, it truly was organized before, but we had a little flood downstairs, and my small space inherited boxes and shelving from worse problem areas, and when we realized we needed to replace all the carpet… well, everything needed to be moved out.

Of the studio.  All of it.

That felt totally overwhelming, because my once-orderly studio now looked like this:

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Only a little bit of my floor flooded, so thankfully nothing was damaged except a few square feet of carpet pad.  But other rooms had to be cleaned out, and the driest room suddenly became the headquarters of all things that nobody knew quite what to do with.

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Oh yeah – that’s TOTALLY THE DOOR in the middle of the room.

So I pulled myself together and proposed to move my studio upstairs, and move my son’s room downstairs.  If everything had to come out, I had a good opportunity to put it in the room that was my goal when we bought our house.  It’s a few months sooner than I might have done it otherwise, but hey, when you have an opportunity for craft room organization, you suck it up and make it beautiful, right?

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So my mom volunteered to paint the walls a nice, neutral color, and I set my work table up next to this big, beautiful window, and things really started falling into place.  I was able to keep my most common supplies within arm’s reach in the new space for the first time ever – no more getting up 25 times to get everything I need!

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All these happy-looking drawers lined up perfectly along one wall, too.  These are the same bins as I was using downstairs, but I also took the time to re-organize like supplies with like supplies.  Each drawer is labeled with what’s inside – I’ve got labels like punch boards, glass paints, adhesives, ink, stamps, and (obviously) a whole lot more here.

Some quick links for anyone eyeing these bins – I’ll leave you a couple of affiliate links!  You can find them on Amazon right here.  I started with one, and kept adding and adding until I finally had drawers for all my most common supplies.  They won’t hold a ton of weight, but paints and paper don’t stress them, and you sure can’t beat the price.  Pair it with a label maker, and you’re on your way to a well-organized room yourself!

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I’ve hidden some of my bigger things away in cubes, and I used all the flat tops of my storage units to (of course) hold more supplies.

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I still get to decide what to put on the walls to make my studio feel like home – and I have no shortage of art – but for now, I’m so happy to say that I’m finally back in business after the craft-tastrophe of the past few weeks.  I’ve been working hard with my supplies, but ALL THOSE HOURS have been spent on craft room organization, which is not nearly as fun as making stuff, of course!

Craft Room Organization at

I’m so happy to have shared a little peek at my new space with you guys, and now I can really get back to work!  I’ll see you again soon!!

Adrianne Surian


  1. Laila says

    Your room looks great! What a job for you.
    I love all your projects…don’t know how you can be so creative!

    I have the same containers….the different color drawers. Mine are always sliding off the tracks. Have you had any problems with them? I even returned a set they were so bad. I only kept one set, but noticed you have many.

    • says

      Laila, they don’t slide like drawers with casters, but I think since I just got used to it (at $35 a cart, I really didn’t expect them to be perfect) I am careful when opening and closing them and don’t have any trouble at all anymore.

      One thing I do like about the fact they can come off the track is that sometimes I will bring an entire drawer to my work table for things like paints or beads. Then I can dig through for new ideas.

      I’m sorry you didn’t like them, though! I’m sure I’d like mine better if I invested a lot more money into them, but I’m still in cost-saving mode. ;)

  2. Pat Schwab says

    Adrianne, Your new space looks great and ready to get messy again. Sorry about your basement flood, been there a few times. Pat S

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