Craft Space Re-Do

With my time off last week, I was finally able to tackle a few projects I had been meaning to. Like my craft… area. I get a shelf.  Well, I get a shelf now.

When I see you mamas posting “Craft Room Re-Do’s” I get extremely jealous. A whole ROOM for your stuff?!? It makes me want to kick you visit and *politely envy* you.

For a while, my things were relegated to a shelf in the garage. But since Raya was born, I work on things generally 4-5 nights a week. Which meant that hauling everything in and back out again was half my happy hour right there.

So my husband very tolerantly started letting me keep a few things in the dining room, because the only space I have to work is the table. But you know how it is… your stash just… grows. Seeing it in the dining room all the time is what really brought on the crackdown to use what I have. Which is working well, by the way.  Actually, he’s incredibly tolerant of all my {impulsive} projects.  The only way to gauge how he really feels when I drag in something new is to listen carefully to his tone when he wisely says, “I bet you’ll do a great job, mama.”

Anyway, here’s a “before” shot of the disaster I have been subjecting him to.

Believe it or not, this *is* clean – as clean as I could get it, anyway. It’s the neat stacks I put everything back into when I was done with my bins.

The dog is enjoying the fact that there is floor space available for him to explore.  Sometimes… there is not {cringe}.  The really messy looking pile is my “current project” bin.  That way, anything I was still working on could all be grouped together to make it easy to haul it back out next naptime or bedtime.  The sewing machine got tucked into the corner as neatly as possible every night.  All in all, it was not a bad system, it was just a complete and total eyesore!

I have been telling my husband I wanted to put up a shelf for everything. He was skeptical. I mean, adding a shelf makes everything PERMANENT. But I think he knows that my love of things crafty is a permanent obsession anyway. I finally just bought a shelf at the back-to-school sales, and put it up while he was at the store. I got some raised eyebrows upon his return, but he didn’t say anything.

So I got it all together and paraded him through the dining room. Okay, dining area. It’s like the smallest space known to man. Standard sized rugs are too big for the floor layout – and yes, that’s a 36″ round table.
 He was so happy! With as pleased as he was, I know he was surpised at how much better it looked.

So, we have some semblance of our dining room back, and when I want a bin on the bottom, I don’t have to move fifteen things. I know the walls could use a little something, but coordinating a time to {disagree on what we should put up} just hasn’t been at the top of my list, LOL!

Ahh, organized feels good!

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  1. Jenn says

    Hehe… looks great! All my craft stuff got relegated to a box in the upstairs closet after my son was a year old and it became obvious that I was NOT going to be able to keep up with my scrapbooking ambitions! LOL

    I'm stopping by to thank you for commenting on Misadventures in Motherhood and for following! I'm returning the follow! Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  2. Amber says

    I know exactly how you feel about doing it on the table. When we lived in our last house, my crafting addiction took over the living room, and dining room. Yay for shelves and tolerant husbands!

  3. April says

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  4. Jean Davis says

    Looks great! Doesn't it feel good to be organized? I had a whole room once… then I had another kid and my room became a dresser tucked into a corner of the bedroom. Ah well. :)

  5. sstone says

    This looks so nice. I need to get in and organize my space too. It's kind of a mess. I just realized that I was a no reply commenter:( Anyway, I am a follower, so if you get a chance to stop by, it would be so nice.:)

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