Craftastic Birthday Basket

I mentioned in my last post that it was my cousin’s birthday party over the weekend, and I just want to share a few things I put together with materials I had on-hand.  I did need to *buy* something sweet to add (after all, it was her sweet 16th!!) but I wanted to take a quick minute to show off and assure all you crafty mamas, you can still whip up something nice when you have some random supplies on-hand.  Work with what you have – the headband I put together was a great scrap-buster!  And for those of you showing some love, I also have a giveaway going until 08.09 for a headband set of your own!  Go enter!

Well, after that last tutorial, I admit, I made another flower – my new favorite by far.  If you haven’t tried these, they’re totally addictive:

All you do is cut rough circles from satin, organza, and/or silk (I didn’t have silk, but I did have some scraps of poly satin and organza), CAREFULLY singe the edges over a candle, which causes them not to fray and to curl slightly.  Stack a few on top of each other and stitch on a few beads or a button.  Voila!  Instant fancy.  So of course I made one for me too, to show off here. :)

Ooh, but on to the basket.

Here are the things I made to put in:

The headband, ?a beaded bracelet, and a couple friendship bracelets.  Then I added a couple sweets and put them in a basket tin (it’s supposed to be a craftastic basket, but responsible crafty mamas use what they have, alas). 

And the gift-worthy result:

Happy birthday, Morgan!

So what did you mamas work on this weekend? ~ Adrianne


  1. ? ??????? says

    How fun! I would love all those goodies. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party. You may want to get rid of Word verification. It really trips people up when leaving comments, you don't need it. Chances are when people make a mistake typing in those letters, they leave.

  2. Rainbow Bekah says

    what a great idea! I've made these flowers and headbands before but never thought to make a cute little basket for a gift!! Love it!

  3. Crystal says

    Very creative! I bet she LOVED it!! I've been wanting to try to make those flowers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

  4. Erin of says

    Your basket is super fun and very creative! Thanks for linking up at HomeSavvyAtoZ!

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