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I have to admit, if I’m not organized, I go a little crazy. Are you the same way? So it’s funny that I actually didn’t have a planner – for the blog, for work, and for family stuff. We’ve got a nice routine going at home, and I keep a couple of spreadsheets with due dates – it hasn’t been too much to juggle so far. But, now that my daughter is getting older and has more activities (and quite frankly, now that *I* am older and probably can’t rely on my memory for everything anymore!) it’s time to have a good place to write down. A lot of my blogger friends have raved about their personalized planners, so when I had the opportunity to talk with Lisa at Personal Planner and try out one for myself – I had to see what everyone has been talking about.

I love it.


I was able to design (and preview) it online to give it my own style. I love the option for the wide layout! I was also able to add my own colors and preferences – whether I wanted lines, shading, space to track daily activities – I was able to give it the clean, open look that helps me to feel more organized.


Here’s what Lisa from Personal Planner has to say:

“Personal Planner is, just as the name suggests, a planner you can design completely after your own taste and style. You can choose color and text on the cover, or why not put a picture of yourself or a loved one there?

The planners come in four different formats: from the small and handy one that fits into a jacket pocket, to the large A5-format that includes a full weekly planner and then some.  What makes our planners even more personal is the fact that your can customize the content to suit your needs and what you feel is most important to you. There are fields and boxes that help you keep track of training, studies, work, weather, etc. You can create to-do lists, schedules for dropping off/picking up the kids, etc. You can even enter special events and dates in advance, or why not import your Facebook friends’ birthdays directly into the planner? There is also plenty of space in the back pages for your own notes, year overviews or maybe even a spot of time wasting, like sudoku or pages to color in.

One thing is for sure – NOBODY will have a planner like yours!”

Lisa Öhberg, Personal Planner


Personal Planner also wants to give a Happy Hour Projects reader their own custom-designed planner! Enter now through December 3 – and the giveaway is open worldwide! Good luck!

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  1. says

    I love the large planner – I’d probably choose a patterned front – or maybe that Bear print!

    Super cool. I definitely need to get myself a planner!

  2. Cindy says

    Love the planners. I would like a medium size one . Good to use as a daily journal too.
    I like the splashy designs in bold patterns and colors !!

  3. Kelly says

    I like the small or medium planner! Great way to track daily activities and special events.

  4. Shannon Boozer says

    I would love a large one with a picture of my kiddos on the front!!!!
    Love love love this giveaway:)

  5. Brenda Leon says

    I would pick the biggest one since my eye site is getting weak and for its size, I will be less likely to misplace. I like the multi-color cat or bird for cover picture.

  6. susjc says

    I would probably choose the medium planner and give it to my daughter who has her own business. She’s not going to find a personalized one like this anywhere near here!

  7. says

    I would choose the A5 planner with Pink Bloomcards as the cover. I also liked the third layout for the weekly spread with a space for workouts.

  8. Lisa Gardner-Morris says

    I would most likely choose the medium planner…although this would be a great Christmas gift for a good friend of mine:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Mahdi Martin says

    I would get the A5 planner. I believe it’s standard notebook size, which you don’t usually see in a planner. I like the pink background with my name in lighter pink. The regular layout, striped, timetable and a small workout box to tick off each day and keep track of meals. I’d also like training and to do list modules, and ruled blank pages in the back.

  10. Monique says

    I am one whom a good laid out planner. A year ago I had a TIA Stroke and my short term is terrible and a good planner is what I need to write down the things I need to remember for me and my family. I would love to win one I would love any design.

  11. Ellen Thompson says

    I would probably want the small planner and I really like the patterns for the cover.

  12. Laura says

    I would choose a medium planner. Planning helps me be so much more productive, and designing my own sounds like so much fun!

  13. Karen says

    I’m so disorganized and forgetful, and the fact that my life is so unstructured makes it even more difficult to keep track of things; I could really use one of these

  14. Hannah says

    New Year’s resolution is ALWAYS to be more organized. It is hard to find a cookie cutter planner that works for me. Great idea here!

  15. De'Anna says

    I think I would do the notebook style as a gift as I know just the perfect person for one. :-)

  16. Ingrid says

    I love the medium planner, but I’d love to get the small one to through in the diaper bag!

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