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Hey friends! I have an awesome GIVEAWAY to share with you today, and I want to show you how my son’s toddler room is rapidly shaping up to be a big kid room.  I can’t believe how fast the time passes – I know you parents can relate!  We needed an economical option for his bed, so I talked to today’s post sponsor, Brentwood Home.  And you guys… I did it.  I ordered a mattress in a box.  Which seems weird but I kid you not – it’s so much more comfortable than the one I paid double the price for when my daughter outgrew her toddler bed.

Brentwood Home Juniper Mattress Review + Giveaway

I know, I know, it still looks a little sparse.  I assure you it looks much more lively when every toy is on the floor, though, and I’ll spare you that visual! ;)

But yes, little man has outgrown the toddler bed for good, and it was time to get him a proper bed.  When my daughter outgrew the toddler bed, we did the whole furniture-store scene.  We got an inexpensive option because, well, she was 3, and our budget isn’t exactly unlimited, and they delivered her innerspring mattress that you can actually *hear* the springs in.  Sigh.

So I swore I wouldn’t do that this time around.  I’d been hearing some good reviews about foam mattresses but I was having trouble envisioning it how just… foam… could be sufficient.  So I read up on it quite a lot and Brentwood Home was a name in kids decor that came up over and over again.  I actually talked to them about what I was looking for, and they recommended the Juniper Kids’ Mattress.

I said I’d be happy to review it honestly, and they sent me this box:

Brentwood Home Juniper Mattress Review + Giveaway

And this is when I second guessed the mattress in a box idea…  Like, how does something so big fit into a box this small?  But I marched boldly forward, and I unrolled it from the box, and it started to expand before I even removed it all the way from the protective plastic covering.

Brentwood Home Juniper Mattress Review + Giveaway

Within minutes, I had… well, a nice mattress!  The Juniper is a 5-inch foam core with 1 inch of gel memory foam on top.  The cotton cover is not only high quality but it’s actually pretty, and there are handles sewn on for moving it easily.

Oh yes.  I laid on it next.  I had to see what this thing was really like, of course!

First of all, it’s medium-firm.  Coming from the hard-as-rocks toddler mattress, I knew my son would want a firmer mattress.  It’s not squishy and bouncy like the innerspring one my daughter has – it’s every bit as comfortable as the mattress I sleep on upstairs.  I’m actually kind of jealous.

Brentwood Home Juniper Mattress Review + Giveaway

I still have a little way to go to really make his room feel like home, but compared to the tiny toddler bed against the wall where his crib used to be, this bed is a huge rite of passage for my son.  I have plenty of room to sit and read bedtime stories, and he has a setup “just like mom” with a tall bed that feels a lot like mine, a bedside table, and even his own lamp.

So I began as a skeptic, and I’m a total convert.  I love the foam mattress, and I’d definitely buy another the next time I’m due for a mattress replacement.  Brentwood Home has a great line of mattresses ranging from Crib size to adult California King size, and even pet beds for your fur babies as well!  They also have many more styles than memory foam – if you’re a die-hard springs fan, you’ll still find something you love.  (And don’t forget to shop the huge selection of pillows, too!)

The retail price for the Juniper mattress is $349.99 from Brentwood Home (that’s an affiliate link, I get a small commission if you decide to order after reading this post) and on top of that, I have a Brentwood Home Coupon to share that will give you 10% off your order with the code OURHOME.  I paid nearly double that for my daughter’s bed, and I’m not nearly as happy with hers.  At least I learned a valuable lesson!

Brentwood Home Juniper Mattress Review + Giveaway

In addition to that great deal, I’m thrilled to share a Brentwood Home giveaway with you!  One lucky winner will get the Kid’s Juniper Mattress as Brentwood Home’s way of thanking my readers.  The Rafflecopter widget below will walk you through how to claim your entries, and the giveaway runs from now until 12/31/2016 at 11:59 pm EST, and it’s open to US readers age 18 and up (void where prohibited, and no purchase is necessary).
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and sweet dreams to you all this holiday!

Adrianne Surian


Note: This post was not part of a paid campaign, although I was provided the Juniper Mattress from Brentwood Home to facilitate this review.  I only review and recommend products that my family truly enjoys, and all opinions in this post are my own.


  1. Angel says

    We just moved and are so due for new mattress, once the remodel is done we will start that project

  2. Judith Bayer says

    Perfect timing to read your blog. My grandson is in need of a big boy mattress and this sounds like a perfect fit. Also, my daughter may need a mattress for her spare room and I’ll let her now about the Brentwood Home mattress because it will avoid the hassle of buying it and trying to get it home.

  3. Ada Miller says

    Yes my oldest could definetly use a new mattress. The one he has was given to us by my mom who swore it was a good comfy mattress, but I beg to differ with that. As for my I don’t have any animals but my boys do randomly end up in the bed with me.

  4. Brittany Gilley says

    When I was so broke I could barely afford my rent, I posted on a neighborhood Facebook group asking for cheap furniture- I had been sleeping on a leaky air mattress for 5 months. A wonderful gentleman gave me a free, nearly new Ikea bed, frame and mattress.

  5. meghan says

    I need a new mattress so bad, ours is way too soft, Thinking about ordering one of the new ones that come in a box!

  6. Steve Weber says

    I definitely need a new mattress.. I’ve been waking up with some lower back recently.

    I let the dog sleep in the bed only when the girlfriend is out of town :)

  7. Evelyn Frierson says

    I would love to win this mattress, I need a sweet night sleep. My mattress so old that even sleeping beauty would have problems sleeping.

  8. Darlene Carbajal says

    Yes, I am need of a new mattress! I’ve had mine for years. I love firm beds, they feel so comfy. I love staying up late, watching tv or entering giveaways. My dog does not sleep with me in bed, but he sleeps in his own bed on the floor. :)

  9. Lisa says

    I’m due for a new mattress. I like a more firm feeling mattress. I like to read and watch television in bed. There are so many options now days for mattresses that it will be hard to settle on one.

  10. Ellen B says

    I like to read in bed and I really don’t like my mattress. It’s not that old but I find mattress shopping and buying a very difficult chore. You try the mattress out in the store for like 1 minute and then buy it. You get it delivered and start to use it and what if you don’t like it after 8 hours of trying to sleep? Well you are pretty much stuck with it for a good number of years. sigh.

  11. DEBRA GIFFORD says

    I am one who needs a fairly soft mattress. I feel as if I have slept on concrete with any type of firmness.I have fibromyalgia & chronic back & shoulder issues. I have a YorkiePoo, Cubby who sometimes sleeps with me. I live with my daughter & son-in-law & my puppy has become best buds with my son-in-law, so he is often with him.. I often love to just curl up on my side & watch a good TV show.

  12. MaryAnn says

    We just recently purchased a new bed. We went to pick one out and found one a king size on sale for only $399.

  13. Margot C says

    I’m not happy sleeping unless i have at least three animals tucked in and around me in the bed!

  14. Nancy Loring says

    Both of my dog like to sleep in my bed. They are big dogs too. they are nice enough to leave me a little section along the edge that I have to squeeze myself into .

  15. Wehaf says

    I prefer a firm mattress; we got a new mattress for our master bedroom a few years ago but the mattress on the twin bed is pretty old; a new one would be great!

  16. says

    I love a firm mattress with lots of support for my lumbar region. I stand most of my work day and it takes a toll on your body over time. I look forward to a resting. I use to have a cat that slept with me but he has passed. I miss my buddy.

  17. Aleixa says

    My little lady is 5 and we are still using her old mattress. This would be so great for her!

  18. Kelly D says

    Yes, I am due for a new mattress and so are my kids. My mattress is almost 15 years old and has lost a lot of it’s support. I like a firmer mattress. No pets sleep with me at this time.

  19. Jennifer Bellotti says

    I can really use a new mattress the mattress I have now is old and uncomfortable I wake up every morning with backaches and the pain is just getting worse. I really would like a good night sleep without having a spring in my back too.

  20. Christina A. says

    We totally need a new mattress on our bed! I stay up late in bed often and read or am on the laptop…or watching Netflix with headphones. I prefer a somewhat firm mattress but not too firm!

  21. Elle says

    My pets always sleep with me. Even if they start out in their own beds or somewhere else in the house, in the middle of the night they make their way into bed with me and are there in the morning.

  22. Dandi D says

    We got a new pillow top mattress when I was pregnant with my daughter and I just love it!

  23. Elizabeth Miller says

    My matress is pretty old and we could really use a new one. I love a softer matress and laying in bed at night and watching tv. Our dog has his own bed as does my daughter but she still tends to end up in our bed around 2 or 3 am every night.

  24. Tiffany Banks says

    My youngest daughter would use a new bed!! I love an in between to soft & firm mattresses!

  25. says

    My kids have “starter” mattresses that should really be replaced now that they’re 9 and 12. They deserve better!

  26. Cassie Eastman says

    We got our mattress given to us from our grandparents about 5 years ago, and they’ve had it years before that. I like our mattress to be pretty firm! We spend nights together sitting in bed watching movies or binge watching our favorite shows once our kids are in bed… sometimes they climb in bed with us.

  27. Julie Ferguson-Gould says

    My bed is very important in my life. I need something that is very comfortable and soft. My spouse spends a lot of time in the bed due to her being disabled. We have a waterbed right now and it isnt quite the right fit any more due to our age and it is getting difficult getting in and out of it now. We have been searching for something new.

  28. Kimberly Bauer says

    This would be for my 17 year old daughter. She hasn’t had a new mattress in 11 years. She likes a softer mattress and her current one is so old it has the divet in the middle and is very uncomfortable.

  29. Annette says

    My two cats sleep in my bed and no matter how large it is, they have to touch me. I toss a lot, due to back injuries, and each time I move they had to move. They aren’t pleased and usually vocalize it. LOL

  30. sarah mayer says

    My bed use to be raised, but I like having the bed on the ground, I probably am due for a new mattress in the next year or so.

  31. robert shook says

    I would love this for my son he likes a softer mattress. We have to cats and they both love sleeping on our bed, Thanks for the chance! Happy New Year!

  32. Yvonne Delgado says

    My son is in need of new mattress. He went thru a little bed wetting, which is all gone now. We need to replace it now. It would be nice to have a quality mattress.

  33. Frank says

    My son is due for a mattress upgrade since he has a toddler room and we are now changing up to a big boy room, which is why your blog was perfect timing.

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