DIY Photo Charm Necklace

Hey friends!  Exciting things about around here but I have a great little DIY necklace to show you that’s an easy way to bring your special photos with you everywhere you go.  I have these sweet photo charms of my kiddos on a long chain, and it’s gotten so many compliments – best of all?  It’s a great beginner project!  You won’t need resin or even many supplies to make this photo charm necklace – just a bit of glue and basic jewelry tools.

DIY Photo Charm Necklace at

As you can see, they’ve got a great shine to them, which makes them especially difficult to get a good photo of, haha.  They’re really small charms (I’m holding them in my hand to give you a good idea of the scale).  So if you’re into the layered look, or you’re more of a minimalist – this is a perfect accessory for you.

DIY Photo Charm Necklace at

You can make your own DIY photo charm necklace using chain and wire from Blitsy Crafts – where I’m sharing the full tutorial this week.  If you aren’t familiar with Blitsy – you should be!  It’s an online retailer of discount craft supplies, with flash sale events and everyday deals on the key things you need to stock your craft room.

You can shop Blitsy anytime to save (you know, on everything you’re buying anyway), or stop over for inspiration at their creative blog (where I’m also a design team member)!  You can catch the tutorial for making easy photo charms without resin, and shop for any supplies you may still need while you’re there.  If you sign up and place your first order within 24 hours, you even get $10 off that order.  (Yep – free craft supplies!  Does it get better than that?)

Come on over, say hi, and check out the easy how-to.  Hope you have a great weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!

Adrianne Surian


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    I’m looking and looking on Blitzy for those bezel connectors and nothing comes up..searched the website for quite a while..tried a variety of search words. Do you have a link for those findings?

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    I really like these. Talk about a great way to remember a special loved one! We just had a new niece, and this would be a great gift for the new mom!

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