DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch

Okay, show of hands: who still wears a watch?  I guess I am old school, because my smartphone hasn’t replaced my watch just yet.  Typically, it’s not one of my favorite things to put on, though, because I am a bracelet-a-holic (a fact that’s evident, if you read here often).  So I thought if I made a watch that was more like jewelry, it would be a lot more fun to wear!  I combined my love of layers and leather and added some brass beads and a watch face to make this beaded watch.

DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch at

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a watch, it’s SO easy when you start with a watch face.  You can re-purpose one with a broken (or ugly) band, or buy one designed for DIY watch making.    I got all my supplies today from Goody Beads (my favorite for specialty jewelry supplies that are tough to find anywhere else) and I’ll leave links below for you in case you’re inspired to shop for yourself!  These are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to buy, it supports my blog at no extra cost to you (and thank you)!  As always, though – feel free to get creative, and use different supplies to get your own look!

DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch at

Supplies I used to make my layered leather beaded watch:

DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch at

First, I really wanted to add lots of layers to my watch.  So I started with a clasp that has a 14 mm opening.  I cut four 7-inch lengths of 5mm flat leather, plus three more lengths of 2mm round leather in two coordinated colors.  If you’ve got leather left over from other projects, it might be fun to mix and match, too!  Just add a few drops of glue to the inside of one cap, and glue as many leather strands as you can.  Allow it to rest for about a minute, until the glue sets.

DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch at

Then, add a few beads to the round leather strands, and thread some strands through the loops on your watch face.  In my case, I used 2 stands of 5mm flat leather and one 2mm round strand, because I wanted the watch face to fit on snugly and not slide around.  It can still be adjusted, but you won’t find that it slides to the bottom of the bracelet as you wear if if you make sure the loops are filled as tightly as you can.

DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch at

To keep the nugget beads at the top of the bracelet, I crimped the end beads slightly with my pliers, so that they grip the leather.  You can crimp them all into place, but I liked the idea that some beads can still slide around.  I just secured the end ones to keep the beads at the top of my wrist.

Finally, glue your second end clasp onto the opposite end.  I wanted a somewhat loose fit, to be most like a bracelet, which is why I opted for 7-inch leather strands.  If you prefer a snug fit on your wrist, a try cutting your length 1/4 inch or even 1/2 inch shorter.

DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch at

The end result is a statement piece that’s wide without being too chunky or solid looking – the thin layers keep it light to wear and it looks very much like a wrap bracelet, without the hassle of wrapping it round and round your wrist.  It’s fashionable enough you won’t even miss your bracelets!

Happy crafting ~

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  1. jfisherbear says

    I still wear a watch, in fact I have several for different ocasions. This one is beautifur. I would like tofind a way to have the watch removable so it could be put on various leather strap bands in this style.I weill have to thingk about it. Kep up the grea imagination.

  2. Linda says

    I love the look of this bracelet watch! I do have a few other projects that I am working on, but will try this project soon. Thank you for all of the great ideas!

  3. Theresa says

    I happened to be looking on the computer one day for different ideas and I came across your site. I was amazed with all of the different things that you do!! A couple of your designs that I saw really appealed to me. The one with the watch inspired me to buy a few watch faces and I am going to give it a try!! Making jewelry became a hobby to me a little later in my life then it did in yours but I’m hoping that you can teach a old dog new tricks!!

  4. says

    You really made a watch! That is by far the coolest thing that I have ever seen, and something that I wish I was capable of doing because it would be a perfectly original gift to give to my wife.

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