Do Your Kids Love Nickelodeon?

So, I know we aren’t the only family who watches mainly Nickelodeon channels these days.  If the TV is on, it’s usually one of Raya’s shows.  The thing is, I can’t say that I really mind.  I grew up on Nickelodeon too.  Did you?  I can still tell you Stick Stickly’s address.  I can still sing the Camp Anawanna anthem.  We tuned in every night for Double Dare.  I had a crush on Allistair from You Can’t Do That On Television… that was good TV!

While the shows on Nickelodeon have changed since I was a kid, the programming itself is exactly what I remember: fun for kids.  I actually DVR Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, and The Fresh Beat Band for Raya to play whenever I have to get some housework done, or when I just can’t run with her around the house anymore.  Those are my favorites, so I don’t mind at all that she LOVES these shows.  At her age, she gets excited seeing anything with her favorite characters on it (I swear, she can spot Dora and Boots from a mile away!) I was browsing the NickShop, and it’s the perfect place to find toys and clothes themed with her favorite characters.  And even better, right now with eligible purchases, you get a free Team UmiZoomi backpack (and there’s no minimum purchase)!

Team Umizoomi Backpack

Do your kids have some mighty math powers?  Raya amazes me with her shape identification.  I don’t attribute it all to watching TV, of course, but Geo’s super shapes are cool.  Check out the free backpack featuring Milli, Geo, and Bot – she would LOVE this.  I’m thinking of ordering her a Milli T-Shirt, and getting the backpack too!

Team Umizoomi Backpack

Not only does NickShop have merchandise from Raya’s favorites that I mentioned, but parents will also find gifts from TMNT, Winx Club, and Spongebob Squarepants.  If your kids love Nickelodeon, you definitely want to check this deal out!

Did you watch Nickelodeon as a kid?  What was your favorite show?  Do you have a favorite now?

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Thank you to the Nick Shop for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Sofia says

    We are trying to not watch so much TV. This week has been all news. But usually we simply turn the radio on. But when we do watch a show or two we are a NickJr family….not so much Nickelodeon

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