Don’t Be Afraid of Prunes.

Why do prunes sound so gross?  I don’t know.  They’re actually kinda good.  But at my house, I have to call them dried plums so my husband doesn’t wrinkle his nose about feeding them to our daughter.

Behind bananas and avocado, prunes have got to be the easiest baby food to do.  Plus, because they’re dried, you can keep them on-hand with out worrying about them going bad.

A quick how-to:

Put a few in a small bowl, and just cover them with water.  Generally speaking, one prune will make about an ounce of food. 

Then I microwave them for a minute.  The water will boil, and your prunes will plump up.  You can also just soak them for 30 mins, but I rarely have time for that. :)

Pop them into the food processor – and with prunes you need plenty of water.  Start with equal parts prune and water.  I just use the water from the bowl.

Puree.  You will never, ever get them as smooth as Gerber does, it’s physicall impossible, LOL.  There will still be pieces of skin that don’t break up fully.  You can get it a little smoother than this, but Raya is getting old enough she doesn’t mind a bit of texture.

I know, it doesn’t look all that appetizing. :)

But Raya loves it, it’s the one sweet treat she gets!

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