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Hello I’m Ruth, and I’m very excited to be guest posting from over at AtNumber29. I post about a mixture of crafty and home things; kids craft, baking, scrapbooking, crochet and sewing projects, whatever’s going on really! Today I’m sharing a sewing project with you. It’s a doorstop house. I don’t know about where you are but they seem to have followed owls and union flag cushions into popularity around here!

You will need: Calico (2 off 9×9 squares) gingham (2 off triangles – see later diagram, 1 off 7×7 square) interfacing (2 off 9×9 squares, 1 off 7×7 square, 2 off triangles) embroidery thread felt scrap (my door is 2×3) fabric scraps (my windows are 2×2) scraps of bond-a-web button assorted ribbon and ric rac sewing thread in appropriate colours wadding stuffing gravel ziplock bag iron, sewing machine And here’s how I did it! Cut out the 2 squares of calico. Iron 2 squares of interfacing to the back and cut a 2″ square out of each bottom corner.

Now apply bondaweb to your fabric and felt scraps and cut out the 2″ square windows and 2″x3″ door. It’s important to iron on the bondaweb before cutting so that it goes all the way to the edge. Once they are cut out, iron them in place on the front of the house. (I’ve added lines on the photo so you can see where the front will be once it’s made up.)

The next step is to sew the details on the windows and door. I cheated and drew on pencil lines first for the windows, but the door panels are by eye as nothing showed up on the felt. You need the sewing machine set with a very short stitch length and a wide width. (But you know that, right?)

Now put the right sides together and sew up the edges like this: (I used the edge of the presser foot as seam allowance, which is nearly a half inch.

Put a hand inside to open the house out square. Pinch the cut outs together and sticth to make a gusset bag.

 Next you need to cut out the roof. You need a 7″x7″ square and 2 triangles. Here is how I drew out the triangles:

And iron interfacing on the back:

Pin it into a roof shape:

Stitch it up and turn it the right way out:

 Pin it and stitch around the dides and the front. LEAVE THE BACK OPEN!

Turn it the right way out and it’s starting to look house shaped! (you can see I couldn’t resist sewing on the ‘door handle’ straight away!

Now comes the fun bit! Use scraps of ribbon, embroidery thread buttons or whatver else you have to hand to embellish! I used chain stitch for the vine:

and added grass:

The curtains are gingham ribbon:


So it’s time to make it up now! Fill a bag with gravel:

Wiggle it into the house, you can top it up after it’s in there too.

Seal the bag down when you’re done. Of course your house will still look kind of empty and out of shape. Cut a strip of wadding the width of the house and long enough to go over the top. Push one end of the wadding down between the front of the house and the bag of gravel.

Form it over the top of the house, parallel with the roof.

Now cut two pieces the same profile as the side walls. (Sorry, I just cut them by eye!)

Slide them down between the bag and the side walls. Now fill the space between the bag and the roof with stuffing. and push the end of the long strip of wadding down between the back of the house and the bag.

It should now look like a house.

Nearly there! Pin the back together and sew it up.

I covered the join with a strip of rikrak.

I also added a strip of rik rak and oversewed to empasise the pitch of the roof (as there wasn’t one!)

And ta-dah!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the house how-to, please pop over to my blog and see what else I’ve been up to! Ruth. xx


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