Duck Brand® Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Shaped Basket

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I love the Duck Brand® crafts.  You have probably noticed!  I think the very best part is that they have designs for every occasion and holiday.  When I spotted the new Valentine’s designs, I immediately had an idea for a fun Valentine’s Day craft – this heart-shaped basket made entirely from Duck Tape!

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

What you will need:

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

  • One or two colors/patterns of Valentine’s Day themed Duck Tape.
  • Scissors
  • 24 inches of ribbon

I made my Duck Tape Strips reversible, though that’s not necessary.  I just find it’s easiest to prepare strips using two rolls of tape.  I stick it to the table or counter and unroll a length, leaving it sticky-side up, then I unroll from the second color roll and place it sticky-side-down.  You’re left with a totally non-sticky strip of tape.

Prepare four of these, about 18 inches long.  A little shorter or longer is totally fine, but the will ALL need to be the same length for this project.  Cut them into two strips lengthwise so that you have 8 skinny strips.

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

Get some tape ready to join your basket.  I find it’s easier if you cut this ahead of time.  I just stick them to the edge of the table so I can just grab one as I work.

Join two strips together at a 90 degree angle.  This is the point of your heart.  Attach strips in an alternating pattern to one of the sides.  You will attach them in and over-under pattern; if you’re using 2 colors, then attach one color to the top of the strip, and one color to the bottom.  The alternating is important because we’re going to be weaving them together.

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

Once you have 4 strips attached, add your strips to the other side of your heart.  You will weave these as you go.  When you are finished, you should have all 8 strips weaved together!  Just use small pieces of tape to attach them to the sides.

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

Now, turn your heart over to finish the back.  Take the INNERMOST strip from one side, and join it with tape to the bottom of your heart.  Then take the innermost strip from the other side, and attach it.  You will weave the back side in the same way as you did the front – but each time, pull the innermost strip and weave it into the opposite edge of the basket – taping as you go.

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

When you have finished your weaving, double-check that your sides are all closed.  If you missed any spots, a quick piece of Duck Tape will solve that.  Then, tie a ribbon around the “bumps” of your heart wthere the strips of tape cross and overlap.

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

You can now add a sweet treat for your valentine inside, if you like – and you have a clever and totally handmade valentine.  It’s a perfect craft for the Duck Tape lover in your life!

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

Be on the lookout for fun Duck Brand® Valentine’s Day patterns, like hearts and kisses!

Duck Tape Heart Shaped Basket at

You can also follow Duck Brand® on Twitter for more great ideas!  What do you like to make using Duck Brand®?

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    I’ve made those hearts before but never with duck tape! I think these turned out great….they would be wonderful for surprise valentines you would leave on someone’s door step!

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