Easier Than You Think: Homemade Baby Food Basics

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So I know I say all the time that I am not a foodie, so it may surprise you to learn that I make all of Raya’s food.  I just feel better to know it’s fresh and what’s in it.  Plus, it’s simple to do and it does save quite a bit of money.  And, it tastes so much better (yes, I have tried)!  So even though I am not a foodie, maybe I can raise one by giving her the best tastes of fresh fruits and veggies?  It’s worth a try! 

I took 45 minutes over the weekend to make 60 oz. of food for my little mama.  I made blueberries (her absolute favorite), carrots, summer squash and zucchini.  These are all quick and simple and are pretty cost-effective (well, maybe not the blueberries, but it’s so worth it because she just loves them!)

I rely mainly on these two resources for specifics when I want to check how long something should cook, the best way to prepare it, and at what age I should introduce it.


Beyond knowing a few specifics on different fruits and veggies, making baby food really couldn’t be easier:

  • Prep.  Scrub, peel, pit.
  • Cook.  Steam, bake, boil.
  • Puree.  I use a food processor but a blender works well most of the time too.  You do NOT need a baby bullet or anything expensive!
  • Store.  Freeze for up to 3 months, or refigerate for up to 3 days.

That’s it, seriously.  If I can do it – anyone can!

I steam most everything.  Baking takes longer, but it does preserve the most flavor. 

But once you cook everything using your preferred method until it’s nice and soft, just puree it up.  You don’t need a special baby food processor (though the Baby Bullet would like for you to think so) – your regular blender will do!  Though I hate cleaning my blender, and I do frequently do 1-2 serving size batches, so I got a little food processor for $25 that’s super easy to clean.

I spooned everything into trays for freezing.  Allow me to admit that I did get suckered into buying the fancy baby trays {sigh} but I find that I like my regular ice cube trays just as well – so my advice is don’t bother with anything fancy!

This is 1 lb. carrots, 2 small zucchinis, 2 small summer squashes, and 1 lb blueberries.  Total cost at the grocery store, just over $6.  If you buy in-season, on-sale, or find your produce at a local grower, you could probably do better.  I made 60 oz. of food with this (standard size ice cube trays generally hold 1 oz.)  But 10 cents an ounce makes this mama pretty happy – on top of taking pride in the fact that Raya refuses Gerber after having my cooking.  Hey, I have one fan.  I’ll take it!

Then freeze everything overnight in the trays, pop out the cubes, and remove them to freezer ziploc bags.  I label and date them so I can be sure to use the oldest stash first.  I didn’t feel like waiting to take photos once that was done, so I pulled out the last batch of blueberries I made to show you. :)

I know it’s not very crafty, or even all that delicious-looking, but {my little mama} seems to appreciate it!  I work full-time and have a blog obsession, and I still don’t find it to be terribly time-consuming (though some foods are a lot quicker than others, like these).  But making fresh foods for my daughter is a bit of a passion of mine, so I wanted to share in case any of you other mamas have little ones coming up on solid food ages soon!  If you venture to try it out – happy mashing. :)

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  1. Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass says

    Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely have to look into this for my next lil beebee. I hated giving Logan those little jars of food – but I just thought it would be too much to make the food myself. Seems it's really not that big of a deal! :)

  2. christina says

    we definitely want to make food for Cole when it's time so I'm glad to hear it's so simple and not too time consuming. And that you don't need anything fancy – we were going to buy the Baby Brezza – it steams and purees in one step but I think we'll try your way first!

  3. Cheap Furniture Burbank says

    What a cute idea! And a fun way to get your child interested in food :D

  4. Michelle says

    I feel and do the same. I make my little girls food but I am not a cook. We don't have the biggest freezer so I don't make too at one time but you get so many servings in a fuit/veggie especially with a 7 month old. Love that it is cheap and easy to give her healthy food.

  5. Heather says

    the best thing about homemade baby food is that you can increase the texture at your daughter's pace… once she gets ready for 'lumpy' food you can keep the same great taste and adjust the textures… thanks for hooking up with THirsty for COmments!

  6. Haddock says

    baking or steaming is always a good option when it comes to healthy food.
    You have time to zip lock? Here it just vanishes the minute it is baked !!

  7. Menopausal New Mom says

    Great info and great photos! I'm into the natural food too, I almost never feed my 5 year old out of a can or box.

    Thanks for joining our blog hop today, I'm here to follow you too.

    Happy Thursday!

  8. Rachel says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I'm a new mom and want to start making baby food ASAP as my daughter is about to be six months old. Thanks again!

  9. Nicole says

    I am going to feature this as a stand-alone today! I also made homemade babyfood for my kids…years ago! :) These is a great tutorial to get people started!

  10. Lindsay says

    Perfect post for me! I have a 7 month old, so I love this idea! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share!

  11. Danni says

    Fantastic post – thank you so much for sharing this. My second little one is on its way and I'll be coming back to this post when it's baby food making time. :) Thanks so much!

  12. Joni Nickrent says

    What a fun idea. reminds me of a paint palette! Will have to share with my niece who's expecting in December! Thanks for sharing! POP ART MINIS

  13. Amber says

    What a great idea! Thanks for coming to link up at my party! Hope to see you next weekend!

  14. @lliE says

    I do this, too! I Love it and so does my sweet baby. This is my third child and the first time I've done it– I wish I would have thought of it with the first two.


  15. says

    Calypso, yes, I actually usually just microwave what I need. An average serving for my daughter is 3 cubes/3 oz. I mix and match a lot, like 2 apples and a blueberry, for example. I microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and go a few more seconds as needed.

    When my mom has come to watch my daughter, I have also just popped lunch or dinner in the frig in a tupperware, and it's usually thawed by mealtime. :)

  16. April says

    THANK YOU for this! I am pregnant with my first and really wanted to learn how to make my own food (no one in my family has done this). I thought food processors were more expensive-glad to know I can get one cheap! Where did you get yours?

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