Easter Craft Challenge!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Easter Craft Challenge, hosted by Happy Hour Projects and Here Comes The Sun!  It’s time to announce our winners!

First, our finalists:

Our sewing winner: Hopeful Threads’ Chunky Bunny Plushie!

Our craft winner: Spring Birdhouses by Pocket Full of Pink!

Our Recipes & Edibles Winner: Bird on a Cake’s Polka Dot Easter Egg Cake!

As promised, I have special winner badges.  Feel free to claim the appropriate button to add to your hall of fame! :)

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for having a little fun here with us!  Happy Easter! 
~ Adrianne

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  1. Diane Cosby says

    Thanks for the link up to my blog, thehiddenpantry.blogspot.com I appreciate the kind words. There are tons of comments and tips and so forth from readers in the comment section under Aunt Betty's 1-2-3 cake. Some have figured calorie counts and weight watchers points, others creative additions. I thank you again and love your blog. I will be new follower too. I too LOVE anything in a jars and have pecan pies and blueberry pies I bake in jelly jars so take a peek if you like the idea. Thanks again……Diane

  2. Tiaras & Bow Ties - Think Smink says

    Fun! Thanks for hosting the challenge… it would be neat to win just for the braggging rights!

  3. Mindie Hilton says

    This is probably a dumb question but does it have to be Spring themed, I have something I was thinking of linking up, but it's not necessarily springy.

  4. Danni Baird says

    What a great party full of inspiration for Easter! I would have linked up my Peter Rabbit Frame-up….but I saved it for a guest post!!

  5. Jill says

    This is such a fun idea!! I love seeing lots of inspiration for Easter! Thank you so much for inviting me to link up via email!! I look forward to seeing the rest of the competition through!! Thanks for your hard work to put this together!

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