English Flapjacks

In asking a couple weeks ago what everyone’s favorite thing to cook or bake is, I got all kinds of answers – including some I had never heard of before!  Do you know what an English Flapjack is?  Rachel from The Traveling Spoon mentioned it, and I didn’t know, so I googled it, discovered it was an oat bar, and thought it looked really intriguing.  I decided to give it a try for myself, and I have to say – these are really good!

I found this recipe at Allrecipes, though it seems to be word-for-word the exact recipe at several other sites, so I can’t say for sure what the real origin is.  What made up my mind to go for it was discovering that I actually had all the ingredients already – well, all but the raisins, but in my reading some claimed that the true British version did not have raisins anyway, so I made it without.  (What do my friends across the pond say?  Is this recipe “authentic”?  I’m curious!)

English Flapjacks
  • 3 c. oats – rolled oats, not the instant ones
  • 1/2 c. butter
  • 1/2 c. brown sugar 
  • 4 Tbsp. corn syrup (the recipe says you can also use golden syrup, but I’m assuming that’s a British term… possibly for corn syrup…)
  • 1/4 c. raisins (I omitted)

Put your butter, brown sugar, and syrup in saucepan.  Heat on low until the butter and sugar have both melted.  You’ll be able to tell if the sugar has melted when you drag your spoon across the bottom of the pan.  If it still feels gritty, it’s not melted yet.

Once that mixture is melted, stir in the oats (and raisins, if you’re using them).

Once it’s well-mixed, press the mixture into a 8″ square pan and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  I opted to use my muffin tins, and I cooked for 18 minutes.  Nothing mentioned whether they should be greased or not, so I played it safe and used a bit of cooking spray.

Now, I have to admit, I could NOT stay out of the mix.  It smelled heavenly, and since it didn’t contain eggs, I didn’t worry about it.  I really ate at least a whole bar before I cooked the rest of them.  This mix made 14 bars for me using the tins… so, 15 for those with a little more restraint. ;)

Anyway, they are done when they turn a golden brown.  From what I’ve read, they should be a bit chewy.

Now, I cannot stand oatmeal, as a general rule.  I had oats leftover from making Raya’s baby food, which she’s now too picky for, so even if I didn’t care for this recipe, it was only going to be my time wasted because those oats were certainly not getting eaten around our house.  But I will eat oatmeal in this form anytime, these were so good!

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~ Adrianne


  1. Stuff and Nonsense says

    these look
    a bit similar
    to a no-bake cookie

    i'm definitely
    going to have a go
    at making these!


  2. Heather says

    Never knew there was such a thing and I am from an English family. They look interesting though.

  3. Rachel says

    Yay! I was the one who mentioned them, so I'm so glad you went for them! I make mine without raisins, but I have seen raisin versions in the UK. Also, golden syrup is a bit different from corn syrup in that it's made from cane sugar (so it has a richer flavor) but as you noticed, they're pretty much interchangeable in recipes. You can find golden syrup in some grocery stores, near the molasses or in the international section (the best kind to get is Lyles).

    Your flapjacks look absolutely wonderful!

  4. Jean Davis says

    Those look good! I bet they smelled wonderful with all that brown sugar and butter. :)

  5. Kadie says

    Yummy!! We love oatmeal and granola. I bet these would be a huge hit!! I bet they would be a great on-the-go breakfast for my older kiddos. I have to make them. Thanks for sharing, and for partying with us.:)

  6. Terry says

    I've never heard of these but they look great. Unlike you, I am a huge oatmeal fan so these would definitely be right up my alley. THanks for the share.

  7. Jill says

    Those sound really yummy! I have never heard of them before. I fun that you put them in a cupcake pan. Thanks so much for sharing this as well at Thursday's Temptation.

  8. Alison says

    Yum, I made loads last week, perfect to fill little tummy's! The recipe seems very similar to the one I use except I use only goldern syrup and butter without the sugar. If you can get Tate&Lyle golden syrup then they would be even better (it is in a green can).
    Also, just to be pedantic, I would say they were British (I am Scottish and we make them here too) ;)

  9. ButterYum says

    PS – you can find Lyle's Golden Syrup in a lot of nicer grocery stores in the international aisle, and/or nice kitchen stores. It has a wonderful caramel flavor and I always use it instead of corn syrup and sometimes I use it in place of honey in recipes too. Definitely give it a try sometime – you'll be hooked.

  10. Shiloh says

    These look really good! I really miss golden syrup just in general. If you can't find the Lyle's that everyone is telling you about, the closest alternative would be dark Karo.:)

  11. Kadie says

    Hey Girl, wanted to let you know I will be featuring these tomorrow. Thank so much for partying with us.:)

  12. MrsFoxsSweets says

    These look great! A perfect snack to grab on the go too! I think I may just have to try these with some of the leftover oatmeal that I have…that I wont eat either!

  13. Not Your Ordinary Agent says

    Oh my gosh!!! I used to eat these as a child!! So glad you found 'em! I'm pinning! Please link up to Foodie Friday Don't forget to leave me a comment too!

  14. Not Your Ordinary Agent says

    Yay! Glad you visited Foodie Friday and linked up. I just love your site and your fun stuff! Congrats for being in the
    Top 5

  15. The Better Baker says

    I am a BIG lover of oatmeal in any form, and these look fabulous. I love simple and quick recipes too….YUM!

  16. cookinglady.bell5 says

    Congrats on being featured. The pic looks fantastic and makes you want to try them.

  17. bobbie says

    You really need to use Golden Syrup for this….I grew up in the UK,and it has a very different taste than corn syrup-my local supermarket carries it,and any store that carries specialty British foods will probably have it.They won’t taste the same made with corn syrup.

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