First Birthday

Well, I got nothing crafty done this weekend because it was Raya’s birthday party.  We had so much fun!

I did not make the cake.  But it was SO good. :)

I also did not host the party at home, we took everyone out for pizza.  Hey – I freely admit I hate getting stuck in the kitchen!

So maybe not the sort of shindig a DIY-mama usually does, but it was an awesome day!  This had to be one of the least stressful parties ever, and I’m SO glad we all got to enjoy it.  

My baby is ONE!  Thanks to everyone who joined us, and those also there in spirit!



  1. MrsFoxsSweets says

    Happy Birthday Raya! I know this is a huge milestone for you too Adrianne, your baby is growing up! We had quite a few parties out of the house when my older 2 were growing up, dont blame you! Cleaning up after sucks the fun right out of it!

  2. Jean Davis says

    I love the pic of her sitting at the table. It looks like she's taking in some serious birthday advice.

  3. Terry says

    Mmmmm,… ha ha ha I say good for you not getting sucked into doing a party that didn't fit you right now. And of course you know I say that pizza fits anybody anytime. Raya looks like she is completely in charge (which I guess she is, ha ha). Cake looks good too.

  4. Silverfaerie says

    Looks like a really fun party! And about you opting out of the DIY kind….hun, you're a mother with a young child. You have a gazillion reasons to go the non DIY route, especially if you want to be able to fully experience and enjoy the party yourself.

    Thanks for swinging by the Thirsty for Comments Thursday hop!

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