The Season of Giving: Help Me Support My Local Food Bank

Hi friends!  I’ve got a simple thing to ask of you today: tell me how you’re giving back this holiday season using #HolidayHungerNoMore.  I’ve partnered with Farm Rich for a #HolidayHungerNoMore social media fundraiser to benefit a local food bank.  My goal is to raise $1000 for Mel Trotter Ministries and their food pantry.  Today I’m sharing my story (complete with those embarrassing old-school photos), and I’m asking for your help!

Food donations are something really near to my heart.  I’ve volunteered for various food drives and community kitchens throughout my life.  It’s my way of giving back after relying on the generosity of others as a child.  My dad was blind, so we were one of those fixed-income families that struggled anytime a major expense came up.

Help Fight Hunger with Farm Rich and Happy Hour Projects

We got a monthly food donation.  We went each week to a community dinner that was sponsored by a local charity.  I still remember that one of the bakeries offered fresh loaves of bread at the dinner, so each week we had something fresh.  In the summertime, nearly our entire backyard was a garden.  My dad provided the space, and we kids and our neighbors helped care for it, in exchange for a share of the fresh produce.  At the end of the summer my dad, my aunts, and my grandmother would all work together canning the last of the vegetables and fruits.

Help Fight Hunger with Farm Rich and Happy Hour Projects

I don’t remember being “poor”.  I remember DIY Halloween costumes.  I remember my mother making our clothes.  I remember my grandfather building and repairing things in is workshop.  And I remember the sense of community.

Help Fight Hunger with Farm Rich and Happy Hour Projects

I still have a strong sense that in this world, we are all in this together.  Now that I’ve started my own family, it’s even more important to me to keep that idea going, so I am proud to be part of the #HolidayHungerNoMore movement!


So, how about you?  How can you help?  Actually, Farm Rich has made it so easy – all we have to do is start the conversation!  For every story that my friends and followers share about how they’re giving back THIS holiday season using #HolidayHungerNoMore, Farm Rich will donate $5 to my local food bank up to $1000!  Here are two ways you can join in to help me meet my goal:

  1. Share a photo or comment how you you plan to give (or may already be giving!) to others this holiday season using #HolidayHungerNoMore and tagging me, @HappyHrProjects on Twitter or Instagram, or come leave a comment with #HolidayHungerNoMore on my Facebook page.
  2. You can also reply to any post I make this month about the importance of supporting charities such as Mel Trotter Ministries to help feed people in the community (and be sure to include the hashtag #HolidayHungerNoMore in your reply).

Again, be sure to share your story by 12/31/2016, and use the hashtag #HolidayHungerNoMore.  By using the hashtag and tagging me or replying to me @HappyHrProjects, each story shared is $5 toward my goal of $1000 for Mel Trotter Ministries!

Be sure you’re following me on social media so you can keep the conversation going!  You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, or look for @HappyHrProjects.  I’ll be sharing updates throughout the month trying to reach my goal.  I know this is a busy month, but a few moments of your time will be another full belly this holiday.  Thank you for your support, friends!

Adrianne Surian

I received an honorarium from Farm Rich for my participation.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Heather says

    #HolidayHungerNoMore I bought $10 food bags at a local grocery store and they actually give $20 of food to the local food bank. I also dropped off a few cans to the food collection bin at the local community center.

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