For the Love of Football

Now that it’s football season, we have people dropping by, often on short notice, to watch the game some weekends.  My husband (like many of yours, I’m sure) is a huge fan, and fortunately he found himself a wife who likes a few teams too. ;) 

We always used to go out for the game, but now that we are parents, it’s so much easier to let Raya squeal contentedly from the floor of our living room.  And thus was born the tradition of the football junk food buffet.  Perfect for last-minute guests.  Or just the two of us.  Mmm, leftovers.

Unfortunately, I am the most impatient cook in the world.  I’m not lazy – I just have a hundredmillion things I would rather be doing than working in the kitchen.  So I am all about quick, easy recipes. 

Now, I intended to be a good wife and make some chocolate sugar cookies for my husband in the shape of footballs.  I don’t mind cookies – home-baked from scratch really has no equal.  But as I was in the baking aisle of the grocery store, my daughter drew another mama into conversation and I ended up deciding to make what she was making instead – Cocoa Krispies Treats.  Also football shaped. :)

Why do I not make Rice Krispies Treats more often?  They are SO EASY and so good.  They are even easier when you decide not to make individual footballs and just form it into one football-sized shape for cutting up:

Man, I have got to update my dishes… but I digress.

I think the hardest part (not really very hard, but the rest was comparatively so easy) is that I can never remember the ratios to the recipe and have to look it up.  On my phone, since I’m in the kitchen and not at the computer, of course.  If you have the same trouble… go here, or jot this down now:

3 Tbsp. butter
10 oz. bag of marshmallows
6 c. Rice Krispies

So after I made my football, I went to add the lacing and to my dismay… I am out of white icing.  I swear, I thought I bought some, but no.  So I improvised with a little butter and powdered sugar and made about a tablespoon of icing, put it in a ziploc baggie, clipped a tiny corner, and messily piped it onto my mega-treat.  Hey, my husband doesn’t care. :P

In fact, he thought it was awesome.  I know you foodie-mamas wouldn’t be caught dead posting a photo that looked like this, but it’s just so… me. :) I didn’t even bother taking the plastic off to photograph it – but that’s partially because I knew as soon as I did, a corner was going to be immediately eaten. 

I think I’d like to share some more of my football favorites in the coming weeks, so stay tuned on Sundays this fall if you’re as impatient in the kitchen as I am.  I do have a few greatest hits, and every one of them is easy! :)

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  1. Terry says

    Oh, these are super adorable. I'll be flagging this to make for our football get-togethers.

  2. Working Mommy says

    that looks awesome! hubby isn't much into sweets, but this is a great idea for a superbowl party (is it February yet)!


  3. Danielle says

    Hey Lady! I am looking for some guest bloggers for October to share fun Halloween crafts and recipes. What do you think? Want to join in the fun?

  4. May says

    Nice one. I think i will try it out someday. Thanks for linking up at Exposure 99% weekday hop…Returning the love.

  5. Diana - FreeStyleMama says

    I've got to try this for our Super Bowl Party! I'm hosting a new weekly meme called Thematic Thursday. Each week has a theme and accept any type of link-up that relates to the theme. This week's theme is Super Bowl – Football. I'd love to see you link this up!

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