Merry Christmas Ideas: Forza Motorsport 5 and M&M’s!


So my husband doesn’t read my blog.  That’s okay, crafting isn’t his thing – and even the projects he enjoys, he has already seen in our house.  But that means it’s safe to tell you something… he doesn’t think he is getting the Xbox One for Christmas. ;) (Oh, but if any of you readers do talk to him in real life or on social media, this is our little secret, okay?) I snagged one of the last ones at Walmart last week, and also bought him Forza Motorsport 5 to go with it, because racing games are lots of fun for all of us!  Through the end of December, Walmart is running a great promotion on Forza 5 and M&M’s, because snacks and video games go great together – don’t you think?

Forza Motorsport 5 and M&M's Promotion at Walmart #FueledbyMM #shop

You can get a $10 e-gift card from Walmart by buying Forza Motorsport 5 and at least $8 worth of qualifying M&M’s products.  You can check out the official offer for full details, but stock up on those large and stand-up sized bags in several of the M&M varieties when you buy the game.  Snap a photo of your reciept and text it to 811811, and you will get a $10 e-gift card from Walmart!

Forza Motorsport 5 and M&M's Promotion at Walmart #FueledbyMM #shop

It’s so easy!  Just be sure your M&M’s and Forza 5 are on the same receipt to claim the offer.  They will text you back with your e-gift code!

We go through a lot of M&M’s in our house, because my daughter is 3, and 3 year olds need… incentives.  Haha.  A few M&M’s area  nice sized treat for her, you can pour just 8 or 10 instead of giving a larger sugary snack, and it sure helps when I need to get groceries or want to encourage her to do those things she doesn’t want to do (like let me take her photo for Christmas cards, haha).   I’m not encouraging you to bribe your children, I’m just admitting what parents of toddlers know already.  Let’s just say – we always have M&M’s around here!

Forza Motorsport 5 and M&M's Promotion at Walmart #FueledbyMM #shop

There’s also a really fun contest I want to share with you if you haven’t read about it already – there are still a couple days left to get in on the M&M’s “Gaming is Better With M” Pixel Art contest on Instagram and Twitter!  Just use your M&M’s to design a pixel-style design, snap a photo, and post it with the hashtags #FueledByMM AND #Contest.  I couldn’t resist entering the contest – if you didn’t see it on Instagram already, let me show you!

fish M&M pixel art #fueledbymm #contest #shop

I know… I’m no pro artist.  But it was fun.

If an Xbox One is on your little gamer’s (or big gamer’s) wish list this year, be sure to take advantage of Walmart’s awesome deal – a big bag of M&M’s for the stocking, and Forza 5 for under the tree!

Forza Motorsport 5 and M&M's Promotion at Walmart #FueledbyMM #shop

I think my husband is going to love it…  What do you think??

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    Ok my son is DYING for an X-Box One! AND we like Forza 4 so much of course we HAD to get him Forza 5. ;) I can’t wait to see his face Christmas morning! Super cute fish BTW. :)

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    He’s going to flip! That will be so fun Christmas morning! Gosh, I keep hearing about and seeing this game- I’m gonna be missing the boat if I don’t snag it for my stepsons!

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