Friday Finds: Crisp Spring Salad Recipes

Today’s edition of Friday Finds is sponsored by Foodie!  Who’s ready for some fresh new recipes this spring?  The weather is warming up, and my palate is ready to cool down with home-grown vegetables.

Just click through the collection above to check out stellar salad recipes for every taste.  Whether you are hooked on the classics, if you like an international flair, whether you like your salad to be a nice starter or a filling, one-dish meal – there’s a new recipe here for everyone to check out.

Fresh Spring Salad Collection at

My favorite type of salad is usually something leafy and green, with a sweet dressing and ripe fruits. I also love adding pine nuts or sunflower seeds.  My husband thinks that’s weird – he’s a classic Caesar guy, all the way. But even if we make up our plates differently, we do both LOVE starting out with a great salad.

What about you? Did anything new catch your eye? Do you usually add something exotic or unusual to your salads – or are you a fan of classic greens?

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