Giant Cookie

Well, it was a busy weekend around here, so I didn’t get a whole lot done, creative-wise.  I did, however, enjoy quite a nice weekend with my family, which is even better. :)

About the only creative endeavor I did undertake was my first giant cookie.  Yes, you read that right: giant cookie.

Giant Heart Shaped Cookie

And yes, that is a dinner plate.  I made a 1/2 batch (yield of normally 2 – 2-1/2 dozen regular sized cookies) of chocolate chip cookie dough, and pressed it into a pair of heart-shaped pans I scored in the clearance section at Walmart.

(Valentine’s stuff was 75% off, so I couldn’t walk away from this set for $2.25, and yes, I bought two sets, for that price.)  So each pan here contains what would normally be just over a dozen cookies each, to give you an idea.

You can use your family’s favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies – I used the same recipe for drop cookies we have always made.  So this is less a recipe share, and more instructions of how to adapt your existing (fabulous!) family recipe from regular cookies to a giant cookies.

I cooked these for 15 minutes instead of my normal 8-1/2 minutes, and I feel like they were a little overdone – definitely not burned or anything, but cooked to crispy instead of chewy (I usually like chewy cookies – though these turned out of the pan really well).  My husband actually prefers them more crispy so he was happy all the way around – not only did he get cookies as big as his head but they were exactly how he liked them. ;)

If you don’t have a heart-shaped pan, this would work equally well with 9″ rounds (and after all, cookies are traditionally round!)  You can also decorate them like bakeries do, and add a fun message!

~ Adrianne


  1. Katie says

    My husband would love a GIANT cookie! Would love to have you link it up at my “Homemade By You” party on wednesday!

  2. rebekahdawn says

    yum, they look fantastic! My hubby would love these, too.
    And score on the clearance pans!

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