Gift Wrap Station by Guest Blogger Repeat Crafter Me

All right, today I have a guest for you with a really fantastic idea to tackle now, before the *real* Christmas season hits.  You may already know the talented and creative Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me.  Today, she is sharing a little about her gift wrap organizing station
This is a great tutorial she has already published in detail on her blog, so be sure to drop over and see her for the full tutorial (tell her you’re dropping by from Happy Hour!)  Now, to be fair to Sarah and to make sure she gets due credit for her hard work, if you would like to pin this project, I’m going ask that you use this button to do so, which will link your pin to Sarah’s original post with the full tutorial.
In fact, you might as well click the Pin In button right now, because I think you are going to love this – I have been drooling over it ever since her first big reveal!  Thank you, Sarah, for sharing with us!
Adrianne has so graciously allowed me space on her blog to share my DIY gift wrap station and I am so excited to share this project with you for her Christmas in July week! This is the perfect project to do now, in preparation for the holiday season. Make gift giving less stressful by making sure all your supplies are organized and in one place!

This gift wrap station is the ultimate space-saving solution made on a budget! This station holds 5 rolls of wrapping/craft paper, has a rack for tissue paper, 5 hooks to hang bags and bows, 3 ribbon stackers made from dowel rods and styrofoam circles, boxes for cards and mason jars for confetti and other decorations. 

You will save a lot of time and work by purchasing your supplies from Home Depot because they will cut the wood to the size needed for FREE! I used Try Ply Underlayment for the back and shelves and 1×2’s for the frame. You will also need various hardware such as dowel rods, cup hooks, D ring hooks and L shape brackets. I was able to get all of my supplies for under $20!! 

After attaching your 1×2’s to the underlayment, painting, adding your D ring hooks, screwing in your cup hooks, you can go ahead and hang it on your wall and then add the shelves. Depending on what you plan on putting on your shelves, you may want to use thicker wood. The dowel rods are cut next and the left over dowel rod will become a simple ribbon stacker!

Now you are ready to organize your gift wrap. Stick your adhesive hooks along the bottom to create a place to hold gift bags and bows. Use mason jars to hold things like buttons, confetti and pom poms, boxes to hold cards and tags, and a pencil holder for scissors. You can also add two more cup hooks and use another small leftover piece of dowel rod, to hang tissue paper. 

Customize and organize this gift wrap station to your liking and to keep all your essential items in one place. Gift preparation will be easy-peasy now that everything is at arms reach!

For a detailed tutorial, head over to Repeat Crafter Me!


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