Glass Tile Magnets

I knew that once I got started playing with the glass tiles, I’d be addicted.  And of course I was right. They are so easy, so fun, and so cute.  I want to show off the little magnets I put together for my mom with some of Raya’s 1-year photos!

My mom does blue-collar work.  She can’t stand being stuck in an office.  But what that means is that she doesn’t have the traditional work space that a lot of us do.  What she does have is some sort of metal box at her station, so she likes to have a few magnets to personalize her space, which needs to be clear at the end of her shift.  So I put these together for her, and she was really excited about them!  This gives her a great way to show off her newest grandbaby photos, and because they’re so simple, I can make up a new one or two for her every time I have a photo I want to share.

I made the tiles up just the same way as I did the pendant I made for New Year’s Eve.  If you need to see a tutorial – go visit that post!  I also have a link in that post where I was able to get my tiles from an Etsy seller, and I was really happy with the both the seller and the product.  But once you’ve got your supplies on-hand, these are really simple and really quick – my favorite sort of project. :)

I finally got my trimming technique down, just slightly smaller than my 1″ square tiles, and this time I was smart enough to trim the corners so they don’t hang over those rounded edges.

Then I just Mod Podged them onto the backside of my clear square tiles, and used some Amazing E6000 to attach magnets.  I have not been able to find clear glass tiles in any of the stores.  I was thinking you might be able to Mod Podge your graphic/photo to the front of an opaque tile with similar results, if you are like I normally am, and have a hard time waiting for something to ship just so you can work on a project. :) Another thing you could use are the clear glass pebbles from the floral section (I did something similar when I made my Spiderweb Bracelet for Halloween), though they are a little small.

Anyway, these magnets were some I found at Hobby Lobby and are a bit stronger (the package shows a magnetic scale from 1 to 10, and these rated a 6).  So, a quick note to you – if you’re using heavy-duty magnets, be careful to dry them WELL AWAY from each other.  Otherwise…

 Yeah, these scooted right across my work space to cling to one another. :)  Just keep plenty of space, and I would recommend you leave a good distance between them even overnight, until they dry and cure.

If you’re just using light-duty magnets, you could probably just hot-glue them on, but given how strongly these cling (I want them to hold up at my mom’s work), I wanted a heavy-duty adhesive so that when she removes them (which will happen frequently) she doesn’t lose the magnet.

Now I will likely make a whole bunch more, since these are SO quick and easy, and they turn out so darn cute!

~ Adrianne


  1. Lish says

    Cute…I actually have a bag of glass beads waiting for me to make magnets with, but I actually like the glass tiles way better!!
    Happy New Year Adrianne..oh, and I love the new look too :)

  2. Carmella says

    So fun….and yes they can be very addictive, right?! I love the pics of your little lady, and I am sure your mom did too!

  3. Carrie says

    Those are VERY cute. I made some similar to this for the Chalkboard Travel Trays I made for Christmas gifts. Yours are really adorable! You're welcome to link these to my Wednesday Pinterest Favorites party tomorrow.

  4. Terry says

    Oh that is so funny about the magnets scooting over to each other. I wouldn't have anticipated that. Great idea and how perfect for your mom.

  5. Shasta says

    What a great idea! I love glass tiles but never thought about using them this way. Great inspiration, thanks :)


  6. Blanca says

    Wow! Just came across your blog and I'm impresed! Great work!! I'm following you now, please follow back, :-)

  7. Whole Child Creative Curriculum says

    These are so cute! I can totally see how you're addicted! Nice work!


  8. Barb says

    What a fun idea! I think I may do this as a Christmas present for the grandparents this year. Off to pin your project!

  9. Jenny says

    Really great idea! She must have loved them! It's so nice to “see” you this week at my link party!

  10. Katie says

    These are really cute! I should make some for my mom!!!

    Thanks for linking this up to Tell it to Me Tuesday!


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