Hand Stamped Jewelry | Tiny Brass Disc Charm Necklace

Hey guys!  I’ve seen a whole bunch of tiny disc charm necklaces recently – they’re a hot accessory this fall!  So, of course, I have to make one for myself.  The minimalist design of this piece means that it’s really simple piece to make.  It can be done in 10 minutes or less, which makes it a really great beginner metal stamping project.  So we’re going to go back to basics for today’s hand stamped jewelry tutorial, sponsored by my friends at ImpressArt.

Hand Stamped Jewelry | Tiny Brass Disc Charm Necklace at www.happyhourprojects.com

If you’re brand new to metal stamping – welcome to the addiction. ;) I’ve been stamping for about 4 years now, and the more I do it, the more I enjoy it!  If you’re an experienced stamper, you might still love to jump on this tiny charm necklace trend, because they go with absolutely everything, and it looks expensive with just a few supplies.  If you’ve had a little bit of practice, you can even splurge on the higher quality metals for this project, because small charms are much more affordable!

Hand Stamped Jewelry | Tiny Brass Disc Charm Necklace at www.happyhourprojects.com

I’ll be sharing today’s project on video today, sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks as I work.  If you prefer a photo step-by-step, I have dozens of posts on jewelry stamping, including an exhaustive beginner’s post from 3 years ago, when I was still fairly new to stamping myself.  If you want more information, you can visit that post, or if you like having a guide that you can print, then consider signing up for my daily email.  Subscribers have access to my free metal stamping ebook with project ideas that go beyond jewelry!

Hand Stamped Jewelry | Tiny Brass Disc Charm Necklace at www.happyhourprojects.com

For today’s project, though, let me prepare you with a list of supplies from my friends at ImpressArt:

Ready to see how it’s done?  Let’s get started!  I put together this YouTube video for you with a quick overview of the tools, instructions on stamping and darkening your letters, and assembling your necklaces – all in just 10 minutes.

Hand stamped jewelry can be really expensive to buy as individual pieces.  Not only have I gotten a lot of joy from the art of stamping, but I also have a great personalized gift idea for practically every occasion, too.  Once you make your initial investment in your tools and your favorite stamps, you can turn blank discs into meaningful gifts for just a few dollars.  Not to mention, as new style trends emerge (like today’s tiny stamped charms) you can update your most meaningful pieces, too!

Hand Stamped Jewelry | Tiny Brass Disc Charm Necklace at www.happyhourprojects.com

I’m so glad you joined me today for one of my favorite crafts, hand stamped jewelry.  If you love this project, be sure to pin it for later, and feel free to ask if you have any questions.  I love talking stamping!



This post is sponsored by my partner, ImpressArt Metal Stamps.  As a 2015 ImpressArt blogger, I recieve select products free of charge in order to design free project ideas.  The opinions and experiences in this post are, of course, all my own.

Adrianne Surian


  1. Traci says

    I love this idea. I am going to start making these. Can be very personal and nice gifts to go on my beads that I am going to start making. Do they have pre-stamped words available somewhere

  2. says

    Hi, Adrian. I left another question on another post, but this is a better place to ask you about stamping. Where do you get dashes or diagonal lines for stamping dates on pieces? I’m looking at the Impress Art sets and don’t see any dashes to use for dates…Also, when I stamp on tags, I see a little bit of a marred finish on the back where the stamping process almost went through. You can’t see the imprint of the exact stamp (like a number) but should the back side of your piece show absolutely no indication of an imprint or am I stamping too hard. Thank you for any help on this.

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