Happy Hour Friday 09.13

Welcome back to the party, friends!  I hope you have had an awesome week!

Happy Hour Friday Button

It’s been a great week around here, we are enjoying the last bit of the summer weather!  Our family went apple-picking this week, and I am on the hunt for some fabulous recipes!

Apple Picking

I know I’m not the only one enjoying the first of autumn’s apples, so this week bring your very best…

Apple Recipes!

This week’s theme is everything apples!  As always – feel free to link up whatever you’re blogging about this week – we love checking out what’s new!  But next Thursday’s round-up post will be the very best apple recipes, so if you share your links at this weekend’s party, you stand an excellent chance of being included in next Thursday’s round up post.  So take a look in your archives for posts that fit the theme, and share those along with anything else you’re working on!



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